Kidnapped Reporter Daniel Pearl Dead

A second e-mail sent Jan. 30 said the reporter would be killed in 24 hours. That was the last known message from his captors.

Mariane Pearl issued statements pleading with her husband's kidnappers to release him or "at least let me know how he is doing."

Calling her husband a "peace-loving" man who never harmed anyone and had "come to you as a guest with an open mind and the sole objective of writing about your views for a global audience," Mrs. Pearl issued her appeal as "a wife and expectant mother."

A Strong Trail Followed

In the weeks after his kidnapping, Pakistani police identified and jailed several suspects they believed were directly responsible for his kidnapping.

Just days after the kidnapping, they arrested three people arrested for sending the e-mails announcing Pearl's abduction.

Last week, they jailed Sheik Omar Saeed, a British national who they believe planned and provided the finances for the snatch operation.

The day after his arrest, Saeed told a Pakistani court that Pearl was dead.

Authorities had said they were looking for a man named Imtiaz Siddiqui, who they believe abducted Pearl from a Karachi restaurant.

Pakistani investigators believe Siddiqui, along with a man who goes by the alias Choudrey Bashir, acted as intermediaries in Pearl's efforts to get an interview with Gilani.

The four people being held in Pearl's kidnapping are due to appear in a Pakistani court on Monday.

ABCNEWS' Martha Raddatz at the State Department, Pierre Thomas and Beverly Lumpkin at Justice, Richard Gizbert in Karachi., and the I-Team contributed to this report.

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