'Deep Throat' Comes Forward

A US military jury found a Navy commando innocent on Friday of charges stemming from a 2003 incident in which his platoon beat a suspected Iraqi insurgent before handing him over to the CIA where he died in custody. (Reuters)


3 U.S. Senators Seek Inquiry Into Killings in Uzbekistan

In the strongest statement by American officials since Uzbekistan carried out a bloody crackdown this month against a revolt and demonstration in the city of Andijon, three United States senators on Sunday called for an international investigation into the violence. They also issued a stern rebuke to Uzbekistan's authoritarian government. (NY Times)


Al Zarqawi Message Now Says Wounds Minor

Al Zarqawi says his recent wounds are minor, in tape addressed to Bin Laden. (AP)

Saddam Trial 'Within Two Months'

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani has said he expects the trial of Saddam Hussein for alleged crimes against humanity to begin within two months. (BBC)

Iraq Attack Kills 27 In Shiite Area

U.S. forces release Sunni political leader detained 'by mistake' (AFP)

6 Die in Triple Iraq Attack; Police Nab 11 Al Qaeda Men

Six Iraqis, including security force members, were killed and 58 wounded when three suicide car bombs exploded in quick succession at an army base yesterday, police said. The attack came as police, struggling to stem a surge in violence, announced they had arrested 11 Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents, including a man who allegedly confessed to a Baghdad bombing that killed 18 people including two U.S. security contractors. (AFP)

Kidnapped Governor of Iraq Province Found Dead

The governor of Iraq's biggest province, who was kidnapped earlier this month, has been found dead along with his militant captors after a clash with U.S. forces, a government spokesman said on Tuesday. (Washington Post)

Four Italians Die In Iraq Crash

An Italian military helicopter has crashed in Iraq, killing all four people on board, the Italian army says. (BBC)

4 U.S. Airmen Are Killed as Iraqi Plane Crashes

Four American airmen were killed in the crash of an Iraqi single-engine plane north of Baghdad, the military announced today. In southern Iraq, four Italians died when their helicopter crashed. (NY Times)

Sunni Leader Held in Error

The prominent Iraqi's home is raided by U.S. forces in a case of mistaken identity. (LA Times)

Al Zarqawi's Group Creates Suicide Bombers 'Brigade'

In an audio tape posted on the Internet Tuesday, a person identifying himself as Abu Dujana al Ansari from al Qaeda organization in Iraq said the group had established a suicide bombers' brigade. Addressing Abu Musaab al Zarqawi and Osama bin Laden, the speaker said the brigade carried out a number of operations last Sunday in Iraq. (ABC News Investigative Unit)

Basra Out of Control, Says Chief of Police

The chief of police in Basra admitted yesterday that he had effectively lost control of three-quarters of his officers and that sectarian militias had infiltrated the force and were using their posts to assassinate opponents. (The Guardian)

Another Anxious Journey for Chalabi: Across the Iraq Insurgency's Heartland

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