Teaching Your Dog Behavior Techniques Is 'Worthless'

Many Dog Owners Say Sometimes Only Dominance Works

However, dog owner Catriona Magee told ABC News that sometimes it's hard not to use a dominate tactic to control your dog. "We have a dog that likes to jump off the wall at horses going past and the horses get really spooked. She wouldn't stop so we had to resort to a collar that squirts a strong lemon scent that dogs hate and it briefly worked."

Magee said that for their own safety sometimes you have to be forceful but the key is you have to do it so the dog doesn't know it's you squirting the lemon using a remote control.

She added, "Sometimes my husband gets in the dog bed to enforce himself as leader of the pack and it lets the dogs know who is in charge."

Not everyone agrees with the study's findings. Dog behaviorist and obedience trainer Stan Rawlinson told ABC News that while he agrees in part with the study, he disagrees that dogs do not show dominate behavior.

Rawlinson also said that academics are slow to suggest alternatives usually because they don't know any. He thinks that many dog trainers have been "getting it wrong."

"They have been incorrect in their methods and beliefs for many years but they have not kept up with new ideas and techniques. In many cases, they are what I call one-trick ponies."

He added, "The problem with the people who advocate the Alpha and rank reduction route, is either they do not understand or they choose to ignore the fact that behavioral problems in dogs often have wide and differing backgrounds. Pack dynamics only involves approximately 15 percent of the cases that I have to treat."

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