Trapped Chilean Miners: Drilling of Rescue Tunnel To Begin This Weekend

VIDEO: Trapped Miners in Chile

Family members of the 33 trapped Chilean miners are breathing easier now that they've seen video of their loved ones.

On Thursday night, newly released video, taken by the men themselves, showed the shelter that they will call home for months. Far from the portrait of misery most were expecting, the men, who have already been trapped for 22 days more than a half mile below ground after a collapse at the mine, are seen in the video smiling as they send messages to family members, joking with one another and belting out the national anthem.

VIDEO: Trapped Miners in Chile
Inside the Mine in Chile: Singing and Dominoes

"Hello to my family, my kids, my wife," one man said. "Thank you for everything."

One of the men, Victor Zamora, teased his fellow miner.

"Get him outside so he can take a shower," joked Zamora.

CLICK HERE to see the video of the miners' shelter.

The men look surprisingly fit, considering they nearly starved for the 17 days before they were discovered -- rationing just 48-hours worth of food.

Chilean Miners: Trapped Underground
Chilean Miners: Trapped Underground

The men have worked hard to organize and structure their life underground, setting up a table for dominoes and cards, even gracing one of the walls with the picture of a pretty woman.

Even before being told they might be in the shelter until Christmas, the men seemed to have an indomitable attitude. The first messages sent up when they were discovered were those of thanks, hope and love to family members. The miners even requested a bottle of wine so they could celebrate the country's independence day, which is a month away.

"We are super and extremely happy," one of the miners said in Spanish on the grainy video. "And we are sure that with smart people and technology, they will soon get us out."

VIDEO: Officials broke the news to the men as the effort to keep spirits up begins.
Trapped Miners Now Know Rescue Will Take Months

Rescue Effort

Rescue workers are moving as quickly as they can. More equipment to drill the rescue tunnel arrived today and workers hope to begin drilling this weekend.

The escape tunnel will be about 26-inches wide and could take weeks, if not months to complete.

In the meantime, workers continue to send down provisions to the men through a 6-inch hole. They've received fresh underwear, wet towels for washing, nicotine gum for smokers. The men are also eating solid foods like cereal bars and bread with jam and applesauce.

All of the men have been told that they need to watch what they eat. To fit in the rescue tunnel, their waist size must be no bigger than 35 inches.

The Trapped: Faces of the Miners

Several companies are now building a mini-video theater for the men. The movies will be carefully selected so as not to disrupt the men's mental state. Officials are also pondering whether or not to send anti-depressant drugs to the men. The five men not seen in the video are suffering from depression, according to the minister of health. They will get arms-length counseling.

Men Connect With Family Members

The 33 men were told the truth about their possible confinement late Tuesday after government officials, with psychologists, determined it would be better for them.

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