Solomon's Temple: Fabled Sacred Spot for Multiple Faiths

Part 8: Although evidence of a real Solomon hasn't been found, most scholars believe he existed.
7:00 | 12/28/12

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Transcript for Solomon's Temple: Fabled Sacred Spot for Multiple Faiths
christiane amanpour" continues. On our journey through the lands of the bible, we found ourselves lingering in the old city of jerusalem. Here in this police that is so sacred to jews, muslims, it's easy to imagine your way back to around 970 b.C. When the bible says that king sol lon reigned. Solomon was incensed at the idea of an oriental emperor. Under david and solomon, the israelites were able to get a powerful kingdom. Solomon seemed determined not to repeat the mistakes of king david and his brothers, whose lust and pride wreaked havoc on the kingdom. He becomes the greatest sing. He has a dynasty and yet he has none of the fault, none of the sins on david. He is a man of peace. Instead of killing women, he married many of them, including a pharaoh's daughter. And his with it and wisdom like the ethiopian queen of sheba. Went to see the king solomon. In the bible, she is drawn for an audience with solomon. He treats her as an equal. And as an official, he was not surprised back the fact that she ethiopian tradition, in the meeting, they became lovers and the ethiopian royal family descends. And the example of a powerful femathis inspires me and tells me that I have a place in the world of politics. And while it's possible that solomon's wisdom may have attracted those seeking his council, who to is the temple he built. Solomon's temple is an astonishing building. In the bible, pages and pages describe the tempb the. Solomon's temple was built as a replica of the garden of eden. And through the ages, people imagine what it might have looked like. It's a human yearning to feel that god is here among us. And in this abode, we have built that is where god dwells on earth. And the bible says the arc of the covenant is in the center of the temple. But I says that the covenant was destroyed around 600 b.C. And since then, this is where many people believe the great temple once stood. A mountain top in the old city. It's a storied place layered with spiritual meaning and now dominated be a golden dome and a mosque. But just a short wal away outside the city walls, a picture is emerging of the ancient and humble begins of jerusalem, which the bible say us was founded by solomon's father, david. The city of david was a small settlement, hardly can be termed a city. Most probably unfortunatefied. But it was here some where. We met an israeli archaeologist who leads a team digging for the ancient city, which would have existed in 1,000 b.C. You call it a parking lot dig. Yeah, cars used to park above our heads here. And then the 3ik9 of jerusal started to appear. How much do we know about solman's first temple? Nothing. And wead actually nothing known about the building itself. They saying to get closer. Away know from the ninth century on, from the time of solomon, most of the things that are told in the bible are historically correct. Most of them. But we are left with a huge question mark. One day maybe you are find out. I don't know. It's an answer. Today, jews tray at the only twhaul remains of the second temp thal was built later and also destroyed. Thousands of years, people of different faiths have considered that same spot sacred. Even muslims decide to build their sacred building here. Even though evidence of the temple or the man himself hasn't been found, most people believe there was a solomon. Not the larger than life solman. He did not exist. He did not rule a vast kingdom. He did not build a huge cal tall city in jerusalem. He was not an international known figure. Though the knowledge was legendary. It turns out like his father, he had flaws too. His government in s inflated. He runs it according to forced labor. He is marrying hundreds of wives. The bible says took his heart astray. The wives solomon took to link kingdoms turned them to his idol and corrupted his own relationship with god. The story of sol lorn's downfall is a window into the practices of the israelites. People worshipped many gods. You could pick them up, pray to them and see it would have effect. This is not the judaism we know today. Archaeologists have found evidence they worshipped idols before david and until the time of jesus. There are twhoes say we still worship false idols, money or fame or a big house or the right fashion. Just the right pair of shoes. All of those could be also false idols. So it seems despite solomon's best efforts, he too was a disappointment. And before he died, as a punishment, god told him the kingdom he loved would be no more.

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{"id":18087391,"title":"Solomon's Temple: Fabled Sacred Spot for Multiple Faiths","duration":"7:00","description":"Part 8: Although evidence of a real Solomon hasn't been found, most scholars believe he existed.","url":"/International/video/back-beginning-christiane-amanpour-solomons-temple-fabled-sacred-18087391","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}