Brexit: UK prepares to leave the European Union

Terry Moran explains how the U.K. would leave the 28-member bloc.
1:41 | 06/19/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brexit: UK prepares to leave the European Union
Brad Pitt kids that weren't good means the British exit from the European Union the trips are getting out of the EU decided to break away from the 27 other EU member countries. Where people and goods and money who. Freely back and forth across the continent almost to sit there are no borders at all. Basically Britain wants it. Borders back and final control over all those other things. But it turns out that's going to be a lot harder and more complicated than it sounds it's been this way big picture of a cliff. Famous white cliffs of Dover in the south of England do nicely. When the British voted last year to leave the EU. They took a look at that clip and decided. Sure let's jump. Then on March 29 this year when a letter signed by British prime minister Teresa may was hand delivered to the EU they made it official. They jump. So now what. But they need a parachute. Did you get down safely ahead beach below and that meaningful negotiations. With the EU. The next two years UK and European Union have to hammer out agreements on. Thousands of issues and great and small arms trade immigration environmental regulation and human rights. Antitrust and pensions. Vehicles that can get all that done soft landing and not a hard landing free investment immigration all of that and more. Thrown ended disarray and uncertainty.

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{"id":47438488,"title":"Brexit: UK prepares to leave the European Union","duration":"1:41","description":"Terry Moran explains how the U.K. would leave the 28-member bloc. ","url":"/International/video/brexit-uk-prepares-leave-european-union-47438488","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}