Cuddling Up at Tokyo's Exotic Animal Cafes

Falcons, owls, lizards delight curious customers.
2:27 | 04/30/13

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Transcript for Cuddling Up at Tokyo's Exotic Animal Cafes
I Aaron -- T -- -- you know at ABC news coming T today from Tokyo with my friends here Lexus. Now tell it was a city that's known for its abundance of animal cafes there is the cat cafe the bunny cafe. But plainly seen a shift from Q -- Connolly to. Well this. Here at the found Tito can't say -- like creatures -- -- customers. Eager for a unique view with their meals and inserts. From a tiny barred owl. The cafe is run by master -- Peter -- Sasaki who his dabbled in hockey for more than forty years. Yeah he tells me falconry has been a part of Japanese culture for centuries. Killed under military dictators actually hunted with falcons in this neighborhood. Today the birds are the newest spectacle in -- crowded animal have same market. Here's an exotic are so popular customers -- lined up outside for a new snapshot. And thanks to Japan's lax animal regulations. They can get a lot closer -- advance. A -- telling the Oklahoma this Brazilian rainbow -- land turtles and lizards are the preferred creatures. -- -- It's nice moon -- snakes smooth touch -- -- sort of thing. But the -- tile -- they draw a steady crowds on weekends especially young women. There's even a collection of magazines to read up on your favorite species. But the -- Cats are nothing unique -- set -- -- says reptiles we can only see this suit. The opportunity to get up close and personal is he irresistible. Especially since tiny Japanese apartments traditionally don't allow for pets. The -- double its pet stores so customers can take their favorite home. But Sasaki isn't exactly healthy people flocked to -- These animals live a very long life and require a lot of commitment cents. More easy for people to enjoy them in the campaign. Reporting in Tokyo time to go to Canada.

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{"id":19076391,"title":"Cuddling Up at Tokyo's Exotic Animal Cafes","duration":"2:27","description":"Falcons, owls, lizards delight curious customers.","url":"/International/video/cuddling-tokyos-exotic-animal-cafes-19076391","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}