Dogs Flip Out for Levitating Hot Dogs

VIDEO: Watch dogs react as magician Jose Ahonen levitates hot dogs in front of
WATCH Dogs Flip Out For Floating Hot Dogs

There’s something about watching confused dogs that is just so funny. Magician Jose Ahonen capitalized on this in his latest stunt video where he levitates hot dogs in front of dogs.

“I first did magic for dogs with vanishing tricks, and after that I was thinking what else I could do with dogs,” Ahonen told ABC News. “There are a few limits: You can’t do card tricks with dogs because there’s not a reaction. I thought of levitating something so that the dogs could react.”

The Finnish magician settled on hot dogs for their comedic value and the fact that the dogs would want to eat them as they levitated.

“At first I tried with Noah, the huge Great Dane. He was scared, which was funny because he’s like seventy kilos [about 150 pounds],” Ahonen said. “He was interested to eat the hot dog but at the same time he was very aware and worried about why it was levitating.”

Each dog responded differently to the hot dog, ranging from apprehension to outright hunger.

Ahonen said he shot enough material for another video, so watch out for part two.