Dr. Dreidel: Where Hip-Hop Meets Hanukkah

PHOTO: A California artist has reimagined the classic Hanukkah toy by designing the "Dr. Dreidel."Playhrothstein.com
WATCH Dr. Dreidel: Where Hip-Hop Meets Hanukkah

Straight out of Compton and just in time for the holiday season comes the "Dr. Dreidel."

Hip-hop fan and Bay Area artist Hannah Rothstein redesigned the classic toy as a piece of conceptual art purely for "sheer hilarity and love of puns," according to her website.

Rothstein, a freelance copywriter, told ABC News she had spent the last few weeks thinking up holiday puns when Dr. Dreidel came into her head.

"The more delight I can bring the world, the better," said Rothstein. "I want to be a fun-gineer."

Rothstein used laser-etching to create the (Dr.) dreidel, which could be used for the classic game where players compete for candy or coins. The piece features pictures of rap superstar Dr. Dre.

For the winning "Gimmel" sign, Dre flashes a thumbs up. For the "Nun" sign, when nothing much happens in the game, Dre looks grim.

PHOTO: The Dr. Dreidel flashes a thumbs up on the winning side.hrothstein.com
The Dr. Dreidel flashes a thumbs up on the winning side.

For the "Shin" side, the dreaded turn when a player loses a prize, Rothstein has Dre looking even grimmer with a gun in his hand.

As she writes on her website, "Shins are seldom a chronic problem in dreidel. Dr. Dre's definitely overreacting."

Rothstein hasn't made the toy available for purchase yet, but was stunned to get so many emails about the product.

"I would love to do it if I can," she said of producing more Dr. Dreidels.

For now, fans of both Jewish traditions and California rappers will have to make do with the rendering on her website.

Representatives for Dr. Dre did not respond to a request for comment.