Open Marriages: When Husband and Wife Have Lovers and Date Other People


Kamala Devi denied that she accepted Rachel into their lives because she is afraid of losing Michael.

"A lot of people would look at this and say, 'She's younger and I have to put up with that,' but what I've noticed is she's really enriched my life," she said.

Aside from dating Michael and living with him and his wife, Rachel also has another boyfriend named Mikey, who lives in Florida, as well as a girlfriend called Thalia, and another male lover called James, who was also romantically involved with Kamala Devi.

Kamala Devi, in addition, has a girlfriend of two years, called Roxanne. Kamala Devi also had a fling over the summer with Jason, one of Michael's coworkers. And then there is Tahl and Jennifer, a couple who lived with Michael and Kamala Devi for two years.

"Monogamy can be a really beautiful agreement between two people when they're deeply in love and they don't have desire for another," Kamala Devi said. "But most people in our society are just monogamous because their vows said, 'I will forsake all others for you.'"

Michael said he hopes to continue to grow their polyamorous community and "potentially even get a hotel."

"We would get a hotel that would be a polyamorous hotel," he said. "That's part of our future dreams."

"That's very much what I see in my future. Living in a house with all of our lovers combined," Rachel added.

If this sounds like the perfect setting for a reality TV show, it already is. "Married and Dating" has aired two seasons on Showtime. Kamala Devi and Michael, two of the people who starred on the show, said they wanted to show their "lovestyle" to the world and spread the gospel of polyamory in hopes of speeding up societal acceptance of their situation.

"I really think that in 10 years society is going to be like this a new paradigm," Kamala Devi said. "The culture is changing."

"It is quite normal already. It's just not out of the closet," Michael added.

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