Parrot Prefers Coffee With Two Pumps of Mocha

PHOTO: A Portland woman says her parrot, Kyara, has been a coffee drinker for seven years.PlayKATU
WATCH Parrots Need a Coffee Break Too

Charlene Fugel has been feeding her pet parrot Kyara coffee for seven years.

“She’s crazy about coffee” Fugel told ABC's Portland affiliate KATU. "And she’ll drink it anyway you give it to her. Cold, hot, she doesn’t care.

Kyara can be seen enjoying her coffee with two pumps of mocha.

Fugel said she didn’t teach Kyara to drink coffee and cleared it with her veterinarian to ensure that it was safe.

Now she treats Kyara to coffee a couple times a month. However, the maximum Kyara gets is a tablespoon.