Tory Johnson Makes 'The Shift': Her Amazing Weight-Loss Story

PHOTO: Tory Johnson before and after her weight loss.ABC News
Tory Johnson before and after her weight loss.

If you're like many longtime "Good Morning America" viewers, you've noticed a new Tory Johnson. The "Deals and Steals" contributor has transformed herself, losing more than 60 pounds in a year. How did she do it?

Tory is sharing her dramatic weight-loss journey in her new book, "The Shift," which tells a candid and inspirational story of how one difficult conversation changed her life and the lessons she learned that can apply to any major shift in health, career or relationships.

  • "GMA" contributor dropped 60 pounds
  • Now she wants to help other women make "The Shift"

Message from Tory

I spent decades failing at every fad diet, convinced I would always be fat. I blamed my childhood. I blamed my genes. I blamed junk food. Basically I was so focused on blaming outside forces that I refused to take responsibility for myself. I was resigned to the idea that I'd spend the rest of my life plus-sized even though I secretly longed for something different.

A single conversation 18 months ago put an end to that. I was told by one of my bosses that my clothes didn't do me justice and she wanted to send me to a stylist. Even though the words "fat" and "lose weight" were never used, I took away "lose weight or lose your job." In a flash, I decided to change for good.

PHOTO: The Shift How I Finally Lost Weight and Discovered a Happier Life by Tory JohnsonTory Johnson
"The Shift How I Finally Lost Weight and Discovered a Happier Life" by Tory Johnson

If I can do it, anyone can.

I discovered that what I put in my head matters more than what I put in my mouth, and in the process, I became a happier, healthier person.

With "The Shift," I'm on a mission to help others change, too. The lessons I learned apply to anyone who feels stuck or stalled. Whether you're trying to improve your health, your career or your relationships, know this: The future can look a whole lot different -- and brighter -- than the past. If I can do it, anyone can. You have the power to make it happen; your time is now. Join me in making The Shift.

Watch "GMA" Monday, Sept. 9 for more on her dramatic weight loss and to find out how you can make "The Shift."

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