Mom's Moving Story Shines Light on Joy of Having Child With Down Syndrome

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month.
3:38 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for Mom's Moving Story Shines Light on Joy of Having Child With Down Syndrome
Currently Lance thinks that humans and we decided to get pregnant has. It's fun and moan and cabinet officers suffer slaying was. The big deal and your sister says. One friend his nonsense like five month column frank and sounds like I'm in my mind he didn't enamel Max Payne. Super hot and mountain lead in major sporting news and species are close his stats tell that she lives on running in his mind. The labor plaza super fast he can now and it was that he for a moment then every mom understands is resigning he disputes on. The nervousness. And the screen in the coroner's. I can tell there was some concern in her voice and that. Obviously alarmed me element and the access we had ten plastic basically me tell you your chances of downs and MR and I did meet the standards she said well. He has counts in. And my first son is why even happiness Christie doesn't really hear that happening to women in their late thirties has the chances are innocent lives taken in the union times how to take a look at. I can't tell him yeah that's like what they're okay but he heads. Can't happen I have enjoyed it perfectly picture and ask you meant anything really out there iPad does he was telling. Plus how lucky I got a hall. He is trying to look at the but I concede that tears in his eyes and he came on rings and I think he is happy maybe he isn't you know it's okay. And women are renminbi don't we just crying in my case I think this happy pretty because I just was wary. What it takes activists tell me I don't know what to expect with his life and that's scary for a mom. Scary for any parent. We have some friends sometimes just. Hospital and they have a daughter who masters winner and he just looked in essence if you just. Your family yeah. Certainly you know and your families and do wonderful fun being. In any more fun because well. Judy 9 PM time. I hate. Close to me. Well now he's yeah. Feel bad for him to understand. They see things that I hard work they don't see is that most kids need more Hudson. Anybody plus picks up on people's news and months with a capacity and I don't think green movement CN. Send more than two minutes of better than me beyond. Being down the hill where. You know people who live life defensive end tonight fascinated by its services your human being done about it. And grants reach as many people as possible. And I know that are finally playing it's wonderful and beautiful. It's changed our legs to chimney gets home phone pieces every day it's just joy and happiness into black southern people. I don't even want to imagine a world without more wells I think we need more reasoner picks. We're so grateful. Make each loser family. And we just want to share him with the world.

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{"id":42866372,"title":"Mom's Moving Story Shines Light on Joy of Having Child With Down Syndrome","duration":"3:38","description":"October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month.","url":"/Lifestyle/video/moms-moving-story-shines-light-joy-child-syndrome-42866372","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}