Technology Makes Moms Better Household CEOs

PHOTO: Moms are using technology to make their day to day jobs easier.

If you are a mom and you have a smartphone, chances are you may be spending way more time on it than you realize.

According to a new study by the Disney Interactive Media Group (DIMG), moms who were asked how many hours they use their smart phones to email, text, visit social networks, surf -- and communicate the old fashioned way (by phone), said that on average they are using their phones 3.9 hours a day.

And that's because the technology is making moms' lives better.

"Mom says smart phones make her feel more organized and connected, empowered and efficient," said said Kristi Manclow, the director of research for Disney Interactive Media Group. And moms are using technology to help shoulder the burden of all aspects of

Disney is the parent company of ABC News.

The study is the second installment of the "M.O.M. – Mom on a Mission" research study, designed to learn more about today's mom, her roles, and how technology and the internet affect her life.

Moms Adopt More Mobile Technology

Use of mobile technology by moms has increased substantially in the past year in all categories of use.

More than 90 percent of moms surveyed use a mobile device, up 10 percent from 2010. And 44 percent of moms surveyed are using smart phones.

Moms are using their mobile devices increasingly as a