Born to Cheat? Tempers Meet Testimony at Debate on Adultery

'Life is Short; Have an Affair'

On the other side of the issue was Noel Biderman, from Toronto, Canada, who said he's the happily married father of two. Biderman is also the president and CEO of Ashley Madison, a Web site for people who want to have an affair that claims 4.5 million subscribers. The group's slogan sums up its mantra: "Life is short. Have an affair."

"You know, people ask me all the time why and how Ashley Madison is so successful, and the answer is simple," he said. "Infidelity is common, it's rampant, it is in 60 percent of American homes. But truthfully, it can be a positive. It can save the institution of marriage, and that's what I intend to argue tonight."

Debating alongside Biderman was author Jenny Block, who admitted to cheating on her husband of 12 years, calling that period of time the "ugliest, most awful six months of my life."

Block now lives with her husband and daughter in Texas, but also has a female lover. She has an open marriage and described her relationships as polyamorous. She has written candidly about her life and her loves in her book, "Open: Love, Sex, and Life."

"I dont believe that what I'm doing is committing adultery, because everyone knows what's going on," she said. "We consider our relationship an open marriage. I dont think there's anything wrong with outside sexual relationships in marriage, [but] I do think there is a lot wrong with lying inside of a marriage."

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Pastor Ed: Have an Affair With ... Your ... Wife

From the start, the debate became contentious as each side revealed its personal and controversial positions.

Young kicked things off by encouraging Christians not only to engage in sex, but to enjoy it.

"Primarily, [sex is] for pleasure. Secondarily, it's for procreation," he said. "And when you have a man and a woman making love, then they're going to hit on all cylinders. And when you don't, when you step out of that relationship, the result is going to be chaos. I like Noel's line: 'Life is short.' OK, 'Have an affair,' but I would add three words: with ... your ... spouse."

Block followed by discussing her affair.

"[My husband] wasn't so upset with my having sex with someone else, but was very upset with my lying to him about it," she said. "And so for me, I feel like relationships, marriage, the whole shebang is, number one, about honesty. Sex, yeah, it's a great part of a relationship. But I'm not convinced that it's the cornerstone of a marriage or of any relationship."

Daugherty, who suffered from a secret sex addiction that spanned two years, also detailed his personal struggle with cheating.

"Before was around, I was using the Internet to try to find [and] set up anonymous sexual encounters," he said. "And that just started to crumble not only my own integrity, [but] it crumbled any sort of communication and trust that was in our marriage. Obviously, I'm going to come at it from the standpoint that God is the inventor of marriage. He's the inventor of sex and so he gets the prerogative to define what the terms are. And his definition was one man with one woman for life."

Biderman Defends Web Site: What Kind of Pastor Are You?

When questioned about the perceived innocence of lust, Young shot back that lust is a form of adultery.

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