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Byron Pitts, Juju Chang and Dan Harris


FROM THE ARCHIVES: Anti-Immigrant Protests Grow as Thousands of Refugees Flood Europe

DEC. 2015: In Europe, anti-immigrant protests are spreading and conservative political parties are on the rise from Sweden to the Czech Republic.
Feb 20

Private detective claims to use supposed psychic powers to solve crimes

Troy Griffin says he has worked on about 100 cases so far and charges up to $250 an hour for his detective work.
Feb 18

Britney biopic star says movie is 'a love letter' to pop princess

Natasha Bassett, a 24-year-old Australian actress, plays Spears in the unauthorized Lifetime TV movie about the singer.
Feb 18

Internet celebrity twins make New York Fashion Week debut

Ava and Alexis McClure, who became famous after a video of them realizing they were twins went viral, walk the runway.
Feb 18

Breaking down President Trump's unprecedented press conference

The president accused the media of attacking his administration and claimed he had "nothing to do with Russia."
Feb 17