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Byron Pitts, Juju Chang and Dan Harris


'Lady Bird' stars, director on what they hope their female-centered film inspires

Saoirse Ronan says she felt empowered to direct after seeing Greta Gerwig.
Feb 20

How long can cryptocurrencies like bitcoin shine?

One of Silicon Valley’s latest stars isn’t on television or a music mogul.
Feb 20

The hidden sounds in 'Star Wars' revealed by its Oscar-nominated team

The DNA of Skywalker Sound goes back to 1975.
Feb 20

Friends, families mourn Florida high school shooting victims

On Friday, the FBI said proper protocol was not followed in following up on a tip the suspect in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
Feb 17

Drake claims to give away almost $1 million in new music video

In Drake's new music video for the song "God's Plan," the rapper is show surprising people in Florida.
Feb 17