Transcript: Interview With Hillary Clinton

But, you know, we kept talking, I talked obviously to a lot of other people. Um, and I finally began thinking, look, if I had won, and I had called him and said, look, we have a lot of work to do. We … we, obviously as democrats and … and given how we saw the world, we believed that we had a lot of, you know, make up work to do and try to, you know, get things back in order. Um, and so if I had called him I would have wanted him to say yes. And, you know, I'm pretty old fashioned and it's just who I am. So, at the end of the day, when your President asks you to serve, you say yes if you can.

'An Opponent One Day and Then a Colleague'

CM: Would you have called him?

Clinton: Absolutely. Absolutely. Oh, of course. I mean, you know … the most common question I'm asked as I travel around the world now is, how could you go to work with somebody you were opposed to?

Because politics in many developing democracies, uh … is still so personal. And people can't fathom how you could be an opponent one day and then a colleague the next day? So whether it's Indonesia, or, um … you know, Angola. I mean, it's just … or Liberia, I mean, just everywhere I go.

And I tried to … the first time I was asked, I tried to say, well, look, you know, that's what we do. You know, we close ranks and we work together. But at the seventh or eighth time it suddenly struck me, I said, it's because we both love our country. It's … it's what we believe in. And we, for me anyway, politics is not the end of itself, it's … it's a means to be able to help people improve their lives, to give them the tools that they need to try to prevent terrible problems from becoming, uh … you know, just an … an awful crisis. So, it … it's all worked out.

CM: Well, you're right, there are certain places around the world that you would have lost your head not being …

Clinton: (Laughs).

CM: ... Secretary of State.

Clinton: Right.

CM: But you ran so fiercely. It did become very personal between the two of you, at least from where the rest of us were sitting. And … and I wondered did it take a while for this awkwardness of the campaign to … to wear itself out? Or … ?

Clinton: I think it took longer for the people who had supported each of us than it took for us. I think that, you know, we're both professionals. We both have a very, you know, a clear sense of who each of us is. And we saw the tremendous opportunities for this partnership.

00:21:51 And, you know, we went to work. Um, but I think for some people who were in the intensive cauldron of, uh … presidential politics, it was like; well, why would he do that? And why would she do this? And I think all of that is behind us. CM: So were there assurances you needed before you could accept?

Clinton: Well, sure, I mean obviously. You know, but I'll keep that between me and the President, because I don't like to, you know, talk about, uh … uh, those kinds of, um … confidences. But, of course.

CM: Are they being met?

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