GOP Senate Candidate Ted Cruz Sees Tea Party as 'the Future'


But the Tea Party has received some heat for fiercely refusing to compromise, a notion Cruz called a "false caricature" of a group whose presence is increasing in Congress.

"I am perfectly willing to compromise with Republicans, with Democrats, with independents. I'll compromise with Martians, if, and here's the critical if, we are shrinking the size, power and spending of the federal government, we're advancing liberty," Cruz told Moran. "Where I think Republicans so often have gone wrong is they compromise going backwards. They've comprised growing government, expanding the debt, making the problem worse, and I'm not willing to compromise in a way that puts [America] further on the road to bankrupting our kids and grandkids. "

One area where Cruz isn't willing to compromise on is tax increases, telling Moran he would turn down a deal that offered $10 of spending cuts in exchange for $1 of tax increases.

"When you're coming out of a recession and potentially on the verge of entering another recession, they worst thing you can do is jack up taxes on job creators, on small businesses," he said. "That's something that is almost sure to spiral you into a recession."

On the same day one couple became engaged on the convention stage in Tampa, Cruz admitted he knows a thing or two about campaign romances. He met his wife, Heidi, while he served as a domestic policy advisor for George W. Bush's 2000 campaign, becoming one of eight couples to wed after helping elect the Texas governor to the White House.

"You get a bunch of young people together and you work them around the clock and things happen," Cruz told Moran. "Whatever else anyone says about George W. Bush, in our house, it'll always be a uniter and not a divider."

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