Nightline Playlist: Annie Lennox

"Aretha Franklin is the 'queen of soul.' That title is not just given in an arbitrary fashion," Lennox said. "There is and there never has been another singer and there never will be … to surpass Aretha Franklin is pretty damned impossible. And why should one? Everyone has their own individual style. But if you hear Aretha Franklin, any recording of her singing live in concert, she just blows all the boundaries away, it's just amazing. Aretha singing 'Say a Little Prayer' is close to perfection … I don't know, just magic."

Lennox says that she often finds new meanings in songs she's heard, or sung, many times.

"I wrote a song called 'Cold' several years ago, and when I come to perform it live … I rediscover it again each time I perform it," she said. "And I love songs like that, that actually give me an opportunity to rediscover them and the interpretation of the song."

' I am the Walrus' by the Beatles

Speaking about the Beatles, Lennox said that "When I look back on that it was kind of an incredible privilege to think that that explosion happened and I was kind of privy to it, I was affected by it."

"They went into this other psychedelic realm and one of those incredible songs that they composed and recorded that really stands out for me is 'I am the Walrus.' And of course they went to India and they met the Mararishi and they've been influenced, they smoked a lot of pot, but you have to listen to 'I am the Walrus' by The Beatles -- I did, and looked what happened to me!

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