Nightline Playlist: Meat Loaf

So what's on Meat Loaf's iPod? Well, apparently, not much — as he's not a big fan of the product.

"Forget my iPod. You know I hate cell phones and iPods," he said. He conceded, however, that Bon Jovi and Eagles are among his favorites.

The Eagles' 'Hotel California' and 'Life in the Fast Lane'

Many of Meat Loaf's favorite songs relate to show business in one form or another. Having a particularly tumultuous go at it himself, he enjoys songs that portray both the ups and downs of the biz.

"If you listen to the lyrics of 'Hotel California' -- 'you're welcome anytime you want, but you can never leave' -- that's the introduction to show business. This bright, glamorous — just come on in!" Meat Loaf said.

Meat Loaf likes to listen to the Eagles' "Life in the Fast Lane" before he goes on stage because it "really pumps you up and makes you realize where you're going."

The song's references to the fast-paced lifestyle and greed that can accompany fame make the song "self-explanatory. It's show business!"

Queen's 'Fat Bottom Girls'

Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls" song reminds Meat Loaf of the less glamorous aspects of being on tour -- like picking up women.

The song is "life on the road in show business. If I can bring in Gene Simmons as evidence for that or Tommy Lee from the Motley Crew..." Meat Loaf said. "It even goes over to the sports field with someone like Walt Chamberlain because he has been laid more than any man in history. He has the Guinness World Book of Records for being laid."

Bon Jovi's 'Living on a Prayer'

Meat Loaf admits that he is jealous of Bon Jovi because "Living on a Prayer" is so universally loved recalling that even at a Las Vegas VIP celebrity club "the place lit up" when "Living on a Prayer" came on.

"And they had to have 3,000 people in this club and ... the place was insane. Wow, good piece of writing. It's life or that's show business life. You're living on a prayer."

Meat Loaf doesn't have any favorite new artists and believes the quality of music has deteriorated over the years.

"I'm not seeing Frank Sinatras, I'm not seeing Elvises, I'm not seeing Beatles, I'm not seeing Stones," he said, lamenting that the music industry isn't encouraging quality music.

"They're building Quarter Pounders with Cheese that you get from the drive-through window and you eat with your plastic paper, drink with the Coke in the plastic cup and you're done and it's in the trash on your exit from McDonald's. That's the music business. It comes wrapped in a paper thing and a paper cup and it's disposable. There's no fine china."

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