Commercial Coupling: The Business of Swing


They say that with such shared interests and such a deep sense of trust and honest communication, lying and cheating is never an issue. The misconceptions that nonswingers have about what it is like to be in the lifestyle was something that many couples at the resort were eager to talk about. The Morales also said that, despite what many might think, sex is not the first thing on their minds when they meet a new couple.

"No, no, no, we're not wired that way," said Joleen Morales. "Once or twice, I mean, I have."

Tony, her husband, continued: "This isn't just about sex. And those folks out there in the lifestyle, I think that they tend to immediately think that it's all about sex and that it's drunk Roman orgies all night."

But those types of nights aren't unheard of.

"I'm not saying that it doesn't happen," Joleen said.

Tony agreed.

"Those things do happen," he said. "But that's not necessarily the taste for every member in our society."

But despite the "Roman orgy" scenes taking place, the raging, wild abandon of the glowing couples never disrupted the mellow mood at the resort.

For Resort Workers, Seeing Sex Becomes Commonplace

And how about the employees at a place like this?

A Mexican bartender at Desire, who preferred not to be named for this report, said that he and the other workers were very nervous about the grand opening and about what to expect. He explained that Mexican culture is inherently conservative and Catholic, so he said he was not alone in anxiously wondering what it would be like to pour drinks for naked people.

He said, however, that the feeling quickly fell away, and that within only three hours of the opening, he and his colleagues were used to the nudity.

"The sex becomes normal," he said. "It's just sex after all."

Silvina Modolo, a nonswinger who runs promotions for Desire at its sister resort in Cancun, told us that clients at Desire are happier and more easygoing than clients at nonswinger resorts.

"When I first started working here, I wasn't familiar with the nudism. It was a little shocking, but after about a month, guests were so friendly, openminded, and that made it easier to work around nudism and the lifestyle," she said.

But she said that frisky guests do occasionally proposition her to join in their fun.

"Yes, at the hotel in Cancun, and here at Los Cabos in the last two days. They try to see if I'll crack or break, but they expect that it's a policy, like any workplace -- that you don't get involved with clients."

And that's true -- there is a policy. The rule at the top of the list in the Desire Resort brochure is an emphatic: "No means No."

Most of the couples at the resort readily acknowledged that it is one rule that must be honored for the sake of a happy vacation.

Are More People Getting Involved?

McGinley, the "King of Swing," said he is not some kind of evangelist and that he is not trying to recruit the rest of us into his lifestyle. He just wants to be there for the people interested.

"Nothing is best for everybody," McGinley said. But those people that want it will be attracted to what we do, because of the way we promote, the way we advertise, just like Coca-Cola advertises." At 72, Robert thinks about his legacy as one of the founders of the modern swing movement.

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