Commercial Coupling: The Business of Swing


"We would like people to be able to express themselves more appropriately sexually without fear of condemnation or handcuffs coming upon them," he said. "I don't mean out in public, but why not resorts like this on American soil, for example? Why not?"

Despite the fact that swing clubs are free to operate legally in the United States, many of the couples at Desire described a level of hostility from those who disapprove of the lifestyle, which can be a downer.

But that might not stop McGinley. He sees almost limitless opportunity in the business of swing. He expects his revenue to double in the next year.

"What I hope to accomplish is a chain of high-quality resort hotels all over the place that couples like this can experience -- not just one or two but a number of them so they can have different locations, but also open the experience up to many people. But only those people that want the experience."

So would he like to see resorts with outdoor love beds dotted across America?

"Well, not across America, but at least on beaches," he said, with his trademark chuckle.

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