Politics, Nevada Style

Samantha told us she's for Hillary Clinton. And Nikki agreed: "I think a female needs to be president."

Meela was the most excited about the caucuses.

"I've been living here for 10 years, and I became a citizen," she said. "This is the first year I'm going to voting and I'm very excited about it. On Saturday, I'm going to be there and I'm going to be supporting my candidate -- Ron Paul."

Ron Paul. That's the name we keep hearing here. The libertarian congressman from Texas might just have a natural constituency here in Nevada.

Our Two Favorite Rons

Dennis Hof owns the Bunny Ranch -- a legal brothel in Carson City made famous by the HBO series "Cat House." And Hof is making his political allegiances known.

"Nevada is a very conservative state," he said. "But we also believe in live and let live. Don't bother anybody and we won't bother you. And that's what Ron Paul stands for, and I like that."

Hof first heard Ron Paul speak because of cable TV reporter Tucker Carlson.

"Tucker Carlson's not a regular customer," Hof said. "Tucker Carlson took us to the press conference for Ron Paul."

Hof went with two of the ladies from the Bunny Ranch -- Air Force Amy and Brooke Taylor -- and they liked what he had to say. The sight of this unlikely posse at a Republican press conference kind of upstaged the candidate. But Hof was sold.

These days Hof is "Pimpin' for Paul" -- spreading the word one customer at a time.

One of the signs in the brothel greets patrons with pictures of the ranch's "two favorite Rons." Those would be Ron Paul and Ron Jeremy -- the illustrious porn star.

"I don't know how they measure up actually," Hof explains. "If Ron Paul measured up like Ron Jeremy he'd be quite the man."

It's no joke, as Air Force Amy explained in her bedroom at the ranch.

"I'll show you where I pimp for Paul," she said. "It's easy to ask for campaign contributions here. It's a lot easier when I take my clothes off."

She said she actually asks her clients to contribute to Ron Paul in lieu of giving her a tip. Her biggest single donation for Paul was $1,000.

"I have been known to be persuasive," she laughed.

Her colleague Brooke Taylor has given the whole thing serious thought.

"The changes [Paul] wants to make on the monetary system, I think that's really important," she said. "I think the euro is destroying us and it's only going to get worse. I like what he has to say about health care. We're independent contractors here, so finding health care can be really difficult."

She said the war in Iraq is also a huge issue for her.

"I see many of those troops here," she said. "And they're my peers, you know. These people aren't far off from me. They could be my brother, they could be my cousin, my friends. ... They're excited to be home. They're excited to be around lovely women. But you know they're seeing and hearing and experiencing things no human should have to go through."

Taylor is "not a fan of Hillary Clinton for various reasons. I think it's modern day monarchy: Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton. I think we should look outside these two families. I don't like how she uses Bill's experience as her own and I think a lot of people will probably make the mistake and vote for her thinking she will be like him."

She said if Ron Paul doesn't make it, she'll go for Obama.

Until that day comes, she's Pimpin' for Paul -- with obvious success. As we were packing up to go, three frat boys barreled in, wearing homemade T-shirts, hoping to take advantage of the advertised two-for-one deal.

It's all politics, Nevada-style. Fear and loathing, indeed.

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