Obamania: Will He Turn 'Believers' Into Voters?

Obama's 'Converts'

Obama endorser Maria Shriver said that "if Barack Obama were a state, he'd be California." Sen. Ted Kennedy often likens Obama's capacity to inspire people to his late brother JFK.

"I love this country. I believe in the bright light of hope and possibility," Kennedy said. "I always have, even in the darkest hours. I know what America can achieve. I've seen it. I've lived it and with Barack Obama, we can do it again."

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey's speeches made Obama sound like the most important first step of a 12-step program.

"I realize disappointment is normal. Disappointment doesn't have to be normal anymore," Winfrey said, stumping for Obama. "I'm stepping out because I've been inspired to believe a new vision is possible."

Young people are hoping he can redeem politics from partisanship. Black people are hoping he'll finally achieve the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. White people are hoping he'll finally wash away the sins of segregation and slavery.

At this point the bar is so high, even the believers are starting to doubt he can pull it off.

"We know we're being fooled, but we kind of like it," Stein said. "I was listening to Obama's speech in my car and started to tear up. I can't get off of this ride. It's too good."

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