René Redzepi: In His Own Words

REDZEPI: Of course it can be—everything has an extreme and everything has a paradox, but I like it. I think it pushes, I think it pushes gastronomy forward. I think it helps you think about what you are doing when you ask questions when you sit—like we do now and and discuss. Em, but like I said, there's extremes where perhaps it's not so beautiful. But I like it, I think it also creates a more healthy environment in a kitchen, because if the chef is there all the time constantly, everybody knows the stories of the angry chefs and there's a reason for it, because you're always working, you're always sweating and you're always behind. You're always struggling. You have cuts everywhere and these raises a good way to get a little inspiration, travel across the world, talk to people, you know, define yourself yet again to a new group of people in another part of the world. It matters, it really does. It helps shape your cuisine, for me, that you have these conversations with people.

So, Define yourself.

REDZEPI: Myself or my cuisine?

Yourself and your cuisine.

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