Matchmaker Claims to Have Inside Track on Love

Ross' open-book approach may have broken all the rules of a first date but, she said, she was just being honest.

"I don't think it's a desperate cry, I think it's only natural, and I think that women who don't vocalize it, and have the same feelings as I do, are maybe simply too afraid to admit it, or they are too proud," she said.

"But, for me, I've always been an open book with my family, friends on my dates. This is who I am, I want to find someone, and I'm going do my best to get him," she said.

The date seemed to have gone well.

"She's a very fun person to be with," Mario said afterward. "Bubbly, enjoyable. I enjoyed our conversation. It was not bland, it was not routine. So we discussed many topics and I had a good time. I would like to see her again. I hope she feels the same."

She did. "We got into a more detailed conversation than I think I've done with any first date -- I didn't mind it. I enjoyed it. I think we enjoy each other's company, I don't know."

And, as our matchmakers predicted, Ross definitely had butterflies.

"I thought Mario was very attractive," she said. "I mean he's got these hazel eyes and wavy hair, he's a good dresser, he's got that pink shirt thing, gray suit. He's got fashion. I liked his look, it worked for me. Mario is definitely hot, he's sexy, he's hot."

After $10,000 and three dates, Ross met with Heller and Rose for a debrief. But, so far, no second dates.

"Let's back up a little bit and talk about how you feel," Heller said. "Do you feel like you've made a transformation? Do you feel ... different about what you are projecting?"

"I really thought about that over the last couple of weeks," Ross said, "and the truth is, you gotta go for the good guy. You gotta go for the guy that wants you. At the end of the day, you don't go for the guy when it takes like three days to hear from them."

The three women hug and it's time to say goodbye.

"You just look radiant," Rose said. "OK, goodbye sweetie, call us, and keep us posted."

"Bye ladies," Ross said.

"Good job," Heller said. "Good job! But we gotta keep her on track. She's going to get those hot pants back out again, I just know it."

"Oh," Rose said, "don't tell me that."

'Don't Want to Miss an Opportunity'

Indeed, although Mario called for a second date, it didn't happen, and he never called back after that. Meanwhile, bachelors Nos. 1 and 2 both asked repeatedly to see Ross again, but she declined.

Was she discouraged by the experience?

"Am I disappointed ... maybe just a little bit," Ross said. "I mean, one of the guys was a little bit too old for me. The other guy was too young. [I was] not necessarily so physically attracted, and I think what the women have missed a little bit is that it has to be a little bit about chemistry. It has to be a little bit about physical attraction. They have to pay attention a little bit to age."

Was this money well spent for her?

"You know, this isn't something that I just did on the spur of the moment, like going to Saks Fifth Avenue and buying a sweater," she said. "Max shmax, Mario shmario -- whether or not it works with them, that's not the point. You want to be with a good guy, you want to be with a guy that respects you, calls you after a date, and sends you flowers.

"I can't have a moment when I'm down, because you never know who you are going to meet, you know?"

A month later, Ross had seen yet another online affair fizzle out. But she was not giving up.

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