Exclusive: Christiane Amanpour Interviews Saif Gadhafi


SG: We said this many times in the past -- that we are going to have new competition and a new system, and you will see the birth of a new Libya soon. This is settled, and once and for all. But please, I want to tell everybody, like two days ago, when the armed militia in the city of [unintelligible] surrendered to the army. They surrendered to the army because they are cowards and they escaped. Half a million people living there, they are happy and went to rallies and everybody was happy. Why? Because they were controlled by the militia for two weeks. The same in Al Zawiha, the same thing In El Salta woof, in all the cities. Have you seen single civilian casualty? And everybody was happy, everybody was happy to show me. If you want to support the terrorists and the armed militia, OK, so go and support bin Laden and al Qaeda and the mafia in Sicily or in Boston and New York. They want safety and they want peace and order, law and order. We want to live in peace, so we want even Americans to help us get rid of the remnants of those people and to have a peaceful country, more democratic. If you want to help us, help us to, you know, to be democracy, more freedom, peaceful, not to threaten us with air strikes. We will not be afraid. Come on! We will not be afraid. I mean, you are not helping to the people if you are going to bomb Libya, to kill Libyans. You destroy our country. Nobody is happy with that. If you want to help us help us against terrorists, help us to build the new Libya with more democracy, more freedom, new constitution, local governments, et cetera. But if you want to help Libyans, you send airplanes to bomb my country? Of course not.

CA: Saif, you said tonight that military operations are over, the U.N. resolution is too late. What do you mean by that?

SG: Why? Because even-- Listen, I'll give you a small example. Now, we did liberate most of the country, even the city of [unintelligible] is next to the Egyptian border. There is the green flag and we get rid of the [unintelligible] and it's a very safe and peaceful city. The people themselves in the city of [unintelligible] did liberate. In the city of [Benjawi?], the people did fight for their city and liberated their city from the [capital?], even without the help of the Libyan army. Just give you two examples: [unintelligible] the same thing in Benghazi. Now even in Benghazi, they fled city. They escaped. And my father said tonight, "You boys, you lay down your arms and we pardon you." And this will happen. They laid down arms, so most of them have been neutralized. Except maybe a few of them are still there. Who knows?

CA: Tell me what is going to happen. Are you going to free, release the four New York Times journalists?

SG: As I said, believe me, this is not my decision, but the people here now, the news here in Libya, I don't know why they are annoyed with Americans. ... People are very angry with Arabs and Europeans, and I heard this is not because of that. They will release her although she entered country illegally.

CA: Thank you very much, indeed.

SG: You're welcome.

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