Mommy Psychic Raises Kids, Communes With Dead

Rosen said that she will go out with her kids and Brian, her husband, and thing will happen that diners at other tables don't quite register. When Rebecca gets close -- because, she says, proximity triggers psychic activity -- the other diners' dead relatives will start knocking with messages to pass on. But she never works during family time, she says.

"If I wanted to I could, I could go into it, but I'm ignoring it if it is there and I'm so distracted with my kids that it's virtually impossible for me to tune in," she said.

All this started when Rosen was a sister in Kappa Alpha Theta sorority at the University of Florida. She had never heard a peep from the spirit world, she said.

"I did not grow up in a family that was into spiritual stuff," she said. "I was raised with a belief in God. I was raised as a conservative Jew. But nobody talked about psychics, that was way out of our comfort zone."

But in the middle of her sophomore year, Rosen had a bout of depression -- and that's when it happened, she said.

"I was journaling, and I always journal, since high school," Rosen said. "And all of a sudden this energy started coming through me, writing to me, but I could hear it in my head first. She was telling me she was my dead grandmother and telling me that she was here to save me from going down the same road of depression that she went down.

"I thought I was going crazy and making this up, and I know she read my thoughts and therefore [she] went ahead and offered three pieces of information that only my father would know. So I ran out of the bookstore, called my father and he was in complete shock, because the information she said were pieces he had never shared with anybody, including my mom."

'Mommy Brain'

The experience made Rosen a believer. In the years since she has explored Eastern philosophies and worked at fine-tuning her ability to hear the other side.

"I make sure I have at least a half-hour to meditate" before work, Rosen said, "so I can clear my head and get out of my Mommy brain and focus on the work."

Through a full work week with Rosen, with several different clients, we saw what seemed like "hits."

"He wants me to bring up, do you have a knee or leg problem?" Rosen asked a client named David. "He's talking about you taking it easy. Do you know what he's talking about?"

"Oh yeah," said David. "I have a bum knee."

"Does somebody have a stuffed pig animal?" Rosen asked a client named Jennifer.

"Well, my daughter just went to the stock show last night and came home talking about the pigs," Jennifer replied.

Then "Nightline" put together a group of women, none of whom had ever met Rosen. We asked for names of people members of the group hoped to contact. One participant, Jane, said she wanted to hear from her grandfather, Marvin.

During the session, a name began to come to Rosen. "Martin?" she suggested. "Martin... Marvin?"

Jane was flabbergasted.

And there were more successes with the same group.

"Did you lose a baby?" Rosen asked one woman, Carla.

"Yeah," Carla replied.

"The soul is with her," said Rosen. "Was it a boy?"

"I don't know."

"I think it's a boy. She's holding this little one trying to say ... do you have two living kids?"

The answer was yes.

Next Rosen talked to Jane. "He keeps showing me two, two, two... which means February," Rosen said. "What is in February? [The] second?

"My birthday!" said Jane.

"OK, so he keeps showing me that," said Rosen.

Next up was Pamela.

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