Mommy Psychic Raises Kids, Communes With Dead

"Was he in the service?" Rosen asks. He was. "He's showing me [he's] proud of what he did here."

Then a reporter had a one-on-one session. There were more hits -- and some pretty clean ones at that.

"Did you used to work as a pizza boy?"


"Did you have trouble with the lights in a hotel room recently?"

"Yes." (A weird question, but we did have exactly that happen a few week back).

But to be honest, through most of the rest of the conversation -- during which Rosen said I was talking with my dad and grandfather -- the psychic said a good amount that really didn't fit terribly well. And then her style was to start exploring.

We saw that happen many other times during the week.

"This [is] about your wife's side of the family as well," she told one man, David.

"I need to clarify something in terms of wife, I'm not married," he replied.

"You're not married. But you have an ex-wife..."

"No, said David.

To Jennifer: "By any chance is your daughter named after Margaret? The answer: No.

To Carrie: "I have to start over here, I'm pretty sure this is for you. I have two males that are popping in very strongly, your Dad has passed, correct? (Carrie: "My Dad, no.")

To Pamela: "Who's the rocky road? Like loves Rocky Road? Chocolate? ... Did somebody just give you a box of chocolates? To which Pamela just shakes her head.

'It's Always Under Attack'

None of the clients we saw in a week doubted that Rebecca was short of authentic, and all came away with a badly needed spiritual uplift.

"I've been very fortunate in that directly and personally I have not had too many [hostile] encounters," Rosen said. "But, with the field that I'm in, it's always under attack. People say you're mind-reading, cold reading and I just smile and 'You know what, I'm not here to prove to the skeptics that this is real.'"

Rosen explained cold reading.

"Cold reading is simply, you know, using body language, and you know, let's say Rose is a common name, so I throw out Rose because somebody is going to have a Rose who died," she said.

It's clear there is no shortage of people who feel the need for the kind of connection they feel they get in Rebecca's office. Her fame is growing. She was featured in a photo shoot for Denver magazine and can charge $500 for a full hour. She has celebrity clients like Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston who send Christmas cards. People phone her for consultations, and she's got a book, "Spirited," coming out, which she wrote to teach other people how to do what she does for themselves.

"Everybody has the ability to tap into intuition for themselves, not everybody has the ability to tap into intuition and talk to spirits for other people," said Rosen.

And that, she says, is why she what she does. She believes she was meant for it.

"I love it because I feel I'm doing such a service, not only for the living, but for these souls," she said.

Rosen said that despite perceptions, her work is not spooky. "It is not and I'll tell you why," she said. "What I work with are souls who are happily crossed over on the other side, if you want to call it heaven. And it's usually the living who are not at peace and they're peeking in and seeing that their loved ones here are suffering. They're grieving and so they want to help them find some closure and resolution, OK? So the spirits I work with are loving and kind and funny."

And they have a lot they want to say, Rosen tells us, to those who know how to listen. So she does. But remember, she's a mom -- it's business hours only.

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