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LIFE 360, the new weekly one-hour series from PBS premiering Friday, October 5 at 9:00 p.m. (check local listings) will present some of America's most talented storytellers exploring themes of daily life through documentary film, personal commentary, comedy, and music. Hosted by Michel Martin, the series is co-produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) and the producers of ABC News' much-honored Nightline.

Each week's theme is anchored by a documentary piece and supported by the night's other contributors, who take it apart, put it back together again, and explore unexpected perspectives. To quote host Martin, "Great stories, well told" - that's the heart of LIFE 360.


How are we connected to each other? In "Six Degrees of Separation," Anna Deavere Smith and Jake Johannsen look at how closely we are all connected; the documentary "The Ripple Effect" probes the impact of the lives of four men who were all saved by the same hero in Vietnam; Pulitzer Prize winning writer Ron Suskind takes us back to 1969 when the nation shared in one, great human experience: the first moon landing and Robert Krulwich takes an animated look at Julius Caesar's last breath. Music from the band Train. Michel Martin hosts.

PROGRAM TWO: FOOD (October 12)

The stuff of life, and much more. In "New York Kitchens," commentator Robert Krulwich takes viewers behind the scenes at some of New York's most exclusive restaurants; Cuban-American performer Carmen Pelaez leads us into the Cuban food culture of Miami's Little Havana; a short film, "Dumpster Diving" invites us to dine with young eco-radicals who salvage their meals from the trash, and Margaret Cho reflects on a lifetime spent loving food and battling weight. Music from singer Dianne Reeves. Michel Martin hosts while on location in Miami.


Random events and chance meetings can change lives. "Forever Fourteen," a documentary film by Kelly St. John, tells a story of criminal assault, survival, and coming to terms. In "Meet Me Under the Clock," writer Ron Suskind shares tales of romance that began with encounters under a famous New York clock. Margaret Cho muses on the circle being unbroken - whether the circle represents religion or pizza. Music from Mary Chapin Carpenter. Michel Martin hosts.


Our voices are as distinctive as our faces. Peter Nicks' film "Stutter Step" profiles the great college running back Adrian Peterson, whose stutter can make his speech as halting as his feet are swift. The 19th-century show business phenomenon "Blind Tom," an illiterate slave, wrote and performed lush romantic piano music; John Davis plays Blind Tom's compositions in this sequence from producer Jill Rosenbaum. Host Michel Martin interviews ventriloquist Spencer Horsman, and filmmaker Alix Lambert contributes a portrait of her "Uncle Stanley," 95 year-old poet Stanley Kunitz. Music from John Hiatt. Michel Martin hosts.


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