Bush 100 Days: March

March 27 — The president heads to Michigan to talk up his $1.6 trillion tax cut. "I strongly believe that meaningful, real tax relief can ignite another generation of growth," Bush says at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. In the past month, Bush has traveled to more than a dozen different states to promote the plan that was the centerpiece of his presidential campaign.

March 28 — Bush has his first of three meetings with foreign leaders this week, holding informal talks with King Juan Carlos of Spain at the White House.

March 29 — The president meets with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder at the White House. "We can disagree and yet still be friends," Bush says, referring to differences between the United States and Germany over global warming, missile defense and other issues. At the news conference, the president also declares for the first time: "We are now in an energy crisis."

March 30 — Bush meets with Brazilian President Fernando Henrique. The meeting is Bush's third with a foreign leader in three days. "The president and I have made a decision that we will work closely to iron out any differences that may exist," Bush says, referring to disagreements over trade tariffs. "We share common values and I believe we are going to work well together," adds Cardoso.

March 31 — In his weekly radio address, Bush says "the education and health and character of American children" are top priorities and argues his budget proposal would dramatically improve education and health services for children. "My budget is active and compassionate," he says.

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