Ted Koppel Interviews Gen. Tommy Franks

KOPPEL: You know that as of 1998 — 1998 is probably the last time that we know for sure that there were fairly substantial quantities of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Do you agree with that?

FRANKS: I don't know that we knew for sure, but according to the '99 report by the, by the weapons inspectors, there certainly were large quantities of biologicals unaccounted for.

KOPPEL: Do you have a, do you have a favorite theory as to what happened to them, and would any one of your favorite theories include the possibility that those weapons have been moved out of the country and shipped to some other country in the region?

FRANKS: Ted, could have been moved out of the country. I think it's a possibility. Could have been dismantled into the precursor elements that one needs in order to build biologicals and chemical weapons very quickly.

I'm not sure, based on having read David Kay's, the results of David Kay's work in Iraq, which of those models obtained in this case. I make a point in the book that says we need to remember that to have left this regime alone to either own or to grow or produce weapons of mass destruction would, would have actually, in my view, would have been irresponsible by our government in a post-9/11 world.

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