Kirk Cameron, From Sitcom Star to Evangelist


In addition to creating teaching materials, books and a Web site, Cameron is now back on TV in a weekly cable program. "The Way of the Master" show features Cameron and Comfort speaking to strangers about Christianity. On occasions, things go badly wrong and the pair is attacked by members of the public.

Comfort recalled one incident, saying "While I was preaching the gospel a gentleman came up and he started spitting on me. And he spat quite a few times." He says he simply remained calm and moved on.

"My favorite Bible verse is where Jesus said, 'If you are persecuted in one city, flee to the next,'" Comfort said. "And that's what I did."

Cameron says that he is producing the show because he objects to the way many churches present the Christian faith. He believes that Christianity has become just another ideology that is used to indulge personal interests and contains little of the original message of repentance and faith.

"Much of the modern message seems to revolve around get what's yours in Christ today. They say, 'If you say this little prayer then all is well' and you'll know health, wealth, prosperity, everything you could ever want. That's not the truthful message of Christ."

Neither Comfort nor Cameron has theological degrees nor any kind of formal training. But Cameron says that he's convinced his new career is vitally important.

"The goal of me doing the 'Way of the Master' and doing this interview is not to convince you that I am an authority on the subject. I have no authority. I am simply trying to be faithful to the God who saved me, who changed me and who has commissioned me to tell you and those who are watching this interview ... about the gospel of Jesus Christ and that it has the power to change people's hearts."

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