Behind the Secrets of 'Lost'

ABRAMS: These questions had come up. But it wasn't until we got to the set the first day and saw this airplane -- we had taken an airplane and shipped it to Hawaii and we'd built this set but it was a real plane -- that it was so depressing and it was so numbing to see this plane there. It was a very interesting thing that that reality of not just a plane crash but, you know, but 9/11 itself there -- it wasn't theoretical anymore. I actually sort of felt it more that first day that I was on the set than I had before.

LINDELOF: There was a scene in Season 1 where they've been getting attacked by The Others and Locke comes out on the beach and he's saying, "We've been attacked by these people, sabotaged by these people. We need to stop worrying about attacking each other, and we have to start worrying about them." And I remember watching that scene in dailies for the first time and going, "Oh, wait a minute!" That was the first moment where from the inside looking out I suddenly realized that -- it wasn't intentional but at the same time very similar things were being said on Fox News.

And I thought that we were going to get now accused of doing the big political statement. The whole idea of sort of al Qaeda -- the invisible enemy, they hate us but we don't know why, but then when you look at things from their point of view you begin to sort of look at things in an entirely different way -- that parable started playing out on the show.

TAPPER: You have a scene where an Iraqi tortures a southern American guy.

CUSE: Yes.

LINDELOF: And you're rooting for the Iraqi. And you see the Iraqi character, Sayid, struggling with this decision to do it but he realizes that if he doesn't, that the life of another castaway is in jeopardy. And Matthew Fox is endorsing this activity. So by the time the torture begins you actually have completely flipped and the American audience is saying, "I can't believe how belligerent this American character is and I'm rooting for the Iraqi character."

CUSE: This is a theme we're very much exploring in Season 3, this notion of "us versus them." And who is us? And who is them? I mean I think we all tend to objectify people who we don't know much about and I think that's the audience's view of The Others right now -- they are bad, they are the malevolent force on the island. But over the course of the stories we're going to be telling this season on the show we expect the audience's view of The Others to change a lot.

All Those Theories

TAPPER: Before this interview, we were all going through one of these unauthorized "Lost" books. It must be amusing to see some of the theories out there that haven't even occurred. You were talking about the "2009 theory" that was in this book, this theory that everything is really taking place in 2009. And you said, "They're looking at bad props" because some things had been mislabeled Is it fun to see all this stuff on the Internet, all this speculation?

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