'Dirty Dancing' Takes London by Storm

The video was a multimillion seller, and now the DVD has spawned a new generation of fans, including millions here in Britain. The appeal of "Dirty Dancing" spans generations and continents.

"The key to 'Dirty Dancing' is its simplicity. Everybody has been there," Forbes said.

And the musical takes them back again, but in the flesh. When Forbes described the moment when Johnny comes back to take the last dance with Baby, she could barely contain her glee.

"He appeared right beside me," she screamed. "He walked right ... through the stalls being kind of mauled by women screaming."

Rich explained that from the stage she can then hear a collective intake of breath.

"They go really quiet before that line," she said.

When Johnny utters the immortal line, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner," well, the theater erupts. And this happens eight shows a week.

"It's a very important moment in theater," Rich deadpanned.

It's certainly a very lucrative moment in theater.

The "Dirty Dancing" musical began in Australia and arrived in London via New Zealand and Germany. The German translation of the big line is, rather strangely, "My baby belongs to me, is that understood?"

Next stop: Toronto. Then the United States. The show will hit various cities across the country and maybe even Broadway.

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