Scientology Leader Gave ABC First-Ever Interview


Koppel: I think both you and Mr. Behar deserve more on that subject. I'll be back in a moment.


Koppel: As you can see, our hour is up, but (A), the opportunity to talk to Mr. Miscavige is such a rare one, and (B), we really do have some issues that have been left hanging, that we're going to go a few minutes over our allotted time. You made the charge a moment ago that Mr. Behar at Time magazine, the reporter who wrote the cover story for Time, that he had, what, conspired with someone to try to get someone from Scientology kidnapped?

Miscavige: No, no, he was-- He had written an original article and some people had called him up and he was telling them to kidnap Scientologists out.

Koppel: He was telling them to kidnap Scientologists.

Miscavige: Yes, and get them forcibly deprogrammed which, according to Ted Patrick, who was the father of deprogramming--

Koppel: All right.

Miscavige: …It always includes kidnapping, usually assault and battery, and certainly with the intent to commit a felony.

Koppel: All right. Now, kidnapping, as you well know, is a federal crime in this country.

Miscavige: Well, let me tell you something, there is one person who he used in that article that was, to be asked of him to infiltrate at our church in New Jersey. He didn't quote this in his article. I didn't find out until actually about a month ago, and the person has just been arrested. As a matter of fact, four people from this same group I mentioned at the beginning of this show have just been put under arrest last week for forcible kidnapping of persons from another faith. You have to understand something, Ted. These people that he aligns with, this Cult Awareness Network, which every one of these people are a part of--

Koppel: Although I told you during a break that my producer told me in earpiece right after it, I was going to leave it alone, that all of those people maintain they are not in that cult awareness group.

Miscavige: Well, no, they don't, because I'll tell you right now, I spoke to-- Well, that's just not the case. But in any event--

Koppel: Can we stay on Mr. Behar for a moment?

Miscavige: Absolutely.

Koppel: Because you have made what is really a very serious charge, and that he was involved--

Miscavige: Oh, he admits to it.

Koppel: …that he was involved in kid-- I'm sure he doesn't admit to being--

Miscavige: No, he admits to wanting to get a Scientologist kidnapped.

Koppel: …to being involved in kidnapping. That would be a very serious admission, as you well know.

Miscavige: He absolutely admits to wanting to get a Scientologist kidnapped. That's in your Washington Post.

Koppel: So why didn't you bring charges against him?

Miscavige: He didn't succeed. He didn't succeed. Our point is this-- Ted, Ted, you're missing the point.

Koppel: As I said to you before, there is such a thing as attempted rape, attempted murder, attempted kidnapping. It's also a crime.

Miscavige: Yeah, but they didn't make it. They didn't make it. I mean, the point is this.

Koppel: That doesn't matter. It's still a crime.

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