Scientology Leader Gave ABC First-Ever Interview


Miscavige: Okay. The person would have to bring charges. I think you're really missing the issue, Ted, because my point is this: That man represents himself as an objective reporter. Here he is on record a full three years before he wrote this article, stating that he felt Scientologists should be kidnapped to change their religion. Second of all, let's look at this article, and let's not fool ourselves. It wasn't an objective piece. It was done at the behest of Eli Lilly. They were upset because of the damage we had caused to their killer drug Prozac. They set up that article. They used their advertising dollar to force it to run, and that's the facts.

Koppel: All right. Now, if that is the fact, you're a careful man. I'm sure that you have evidence of that.

Miscavige: Well, here's what I do have of that. I do have a man here in Washington, D.C., named Duffy Wall, another one named Walter Moore. These are lobbyists for Eli Lilly. We have Burson Marsteller, the PR firm for Eli Lilly. The reason I'm saying this, you have to understand, this isn't my charge. I'm telling you what they say. After that article came out, they were around town here saying, "We caused that article on Scientology on behalf of Eli Lilly to help them out."

Koppel: You have affidavits to that?

Miscavige: Let me tell you what else I have.

Koppel: You have affidavits?

Miscavige: From them? Of course not. You think they'd admit it?

Koppel: Well, I mean, you're--

Miscavige: But they're the ones who said it.

Koppel: You're saying they said it, I'm trying--

Miscavige: Let me tell you what I do have.

Koppel: Go ahead.

Miscavige: I go one step further. I then later found out -- and you didn't know this -- that Eli Lilly ordered a reprint of 750,000 copies of Time magazine before it came out, reported in The Washington Post. But most importantly, here's what I do have: I put in a call to the people, the advertising firms, who set this up. I called up JWT, J. Walter Thompson, in New York. I spoke to the CEO. He said he would look into it and get back to me. He never did. I called up a man over in England who owns all these advertising and PR conglomerates for Eli Lilly, a man named Martin Sorrell. Ted, I asked him 10 times on the phone to deny that he had set this up on their behalf. He wouldn't do it.

Koppel: All right--

Miscavige: We put in a call to Eli Lilly. Their response was, "We can neither confirm nor deny." This is a pretty heavy allegation I'm making. I'm only making it because what I heard from their people, and they won't deny it, so for you to challenge me on it, you have to understand, they're not challenging me on it, and furthermore, our story that came out in USA Today covers this entire matter. They haven't called me once to correct any fact in it.

Koppel: When you say your story, you mean your advertisement.

Miscavige: Well, there was actually an insert in there that laid out the entire way that that came about.

Koppel: Let us get back, during the few minutes we have left in this broadcast, to discussing Scientology a little, and I made a suggestion at the beginning of this program, or near the beginning of the program that, in order to progress within your church, it costs money. Right? If I'm poor, how far can I progress?

Miscavige: Pretty far.

Koppel: How far?

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