Scientology Leader Gave ABC First-Ever Interview


Miscavige: No, they didn't, they didn't toss it out. It's still there and that's in the court system. In fact, what happened, Ted, is that various doctors came in to testify. The leading drug rehabilitation experts in the country came in to testify--

Koppel: Well, who was--

Miscavige: Let me finish.

Koppel: Who was opposing it? Who was trying to get it out?

Miscavige: The psychiatrists. The mental health board. The leading doctors across the country, Forrest Tannen, another gentleman whose name doesn't come to mind right now, testified in behalf. All the testimony on the efficacy of Narconon program was all in favor of it. Studies have been done, governmental studies in Spain, in Sweden, found Narconon to be the most effective drug rehabilitation program in those countries. One man came in, a psychiatrist, he made statements about the program. That man was also on record as stating -- and it's a man named Dr. Gellian West -- out at UCLA, he stated that living a drug-free existence is an antiquated position in today's society. The judge in that case ruled that having that man talk about our drug rehabilitation program is similar to asking Saddam Hussein to report on the treatment of the Kuwaitis in Kuwait.

Koppel: So why is it still in the court system?

Miscavige: The mental health ward is the one who ruled on it, and we couldn't understand the findings because all the testimony was positive. Both health inspections they passed, and then at the last minute these mental health people denied it--

Koppel: Just--

Miscavige: Hang on. I gave you the story, though. You want to know?

Koppel: Sure.

Miscavige: Just like the FDA, just like that, we get a level playing field, Ted. It always comes out. You're bringing up Narconon now, but you know--

Koppel: No, you brought it up, that's why I raised it.

Miscavige: Well, I didn't bring up the Oklahoma matter.

Koppel: That's correct.

Miscavige: And you brought that up.

Koppel: That is correct.

Miscavige: You want-- You know, if you-- I could have been on here two years ago and you would have brought something up, and it's over now. There have been these cases, but in the end, we come out on top, and I'm telling you, Ted, there are a group of people on this planet who find us to be a threat to their existence, and they will do everything in their power to stop us. And that is the mental health field. I didn't pick a war with them. You can ask them if they feel this way, and they will tell you that.

Koppel: One last quick area I want to go into. Explain to me what a "clear" is.

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