'Breach': Secrets and Double Lives


EO: He almost gave me a, just looking at me, as if, "is something else going on?" You know. And I just, "hey, how's it going? Did you win? Did you shoot better than those guys?" And he just grumbled and stormed into his office and slammed the door.

PT: Because he didn't like the fact that people were telling him what to do?

EO: No.

PT: And they had forced him, basically.

EO: And they forced them down there. And to him, it was his superior saying, "you're gonna shoot with me." And him saying, "today's not a good day, I don't really want to." And his superior saying, "no I don't think you understand, you are going to go shoot with me." This wasn't a request. So here, here in the movie, it's great, it's played down. It looks like I've just done a great job, I get up, move the water thing a little bit, everything's just right, did a great job, and then the moment of realization, wrong pocket. As this guy's walking in the door.

PT: That really happened?

EO: It's that thought that, "oh, my God, it's in the wrong pocket, what do I do?" and he's happy and I feel like I've done a great job and then you hit that moment right there, and Ryan does it so well. The, oh God. I mean, that's just so great. And running back, and this is what it was like for me, right there, just this desperate sense of "did it look right here, was it here, what do I do?"

PT: In the real time, you didn't have enough time to go back in there?

EO: No. I mean, I just, this was the moment before Hanssen came in the door where I'm putting it in the bag -- you can hear the door every time someone keys in and I just had to drop it and zip up and get away from the bag.

Art Imitating Life

PT: I gotta ask. Ryan Phillipe. Good you?

EO: Excellent. The guy is great. We've become friends through this process. And, you put a certain level of trust in someone who portrays you in a movie and I felt like that trust that I put in Ryan was completely justified.

PT: How heady is it to have yourself immortalized on celluloid?

EO: It's pretty amazing. And, having someone of Ryan's caliber playing me and sort of he's portraying my face to the world in a sense, and it's incredibly flattering.

"You Just Play It Off"

PT: Now, did he actually come out and ask you, "have you been in my bag?"

EO: Yes. He asked me, "have you been in my office? You messed with my bag?" And I just looked at him and said, "No. What are you talking about? No. I don't go in your office." You just play it off. Unless he can prove it and the only way he could have done that is if I had put it in the wrong pocket. And it turns out I got it in the right pocket. I was very lucky in that sense. But, I [would've] been in a lot of trouble if I'd gotten it in the wrong pocket.

PT: And again. You feel he was capable of killing someone?

EO: I think at that moment he could have come out and shot me. I mean, the sense of betrayal would have been incredibly high and the feeling that "I've lost," you know, and it's all over, anyway. And oh, "I'm in a sound proof room. I just shut the door and then nobody knows." So, there's that moment that you just play it off. What? Everything's fine. So, yeah, there was that level of danger working with Hanssen. I mean, he had killed people in Russia. He had given up the names of people, knowing that the KGB would terminate them. So there was certainly that level of danger.

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