Christian Men...Too Wimpy?

'Who Doesn't Want to Look at a Naked Lady?'

Stine, once he'd finished his stand-up act, took a more serious turn, encouraging his audience to acknowledge that Christian men face challenges that they cannot talk about in church, or, as a rule, in front of women -- namely, the fact that men, including happily married Christian men, lust for other women, and that they are attracted to pornography even if they believe it is sinful.

"Who doesn't want to look at a naked lady?" he asked, the rhetorical question you'll never hear on Sunday. Stine's point: That's why a Christian hooked on pornography -- "some of you are addicted," he intoned, without requesting a show of hands -- may simmer in shame indefinitely, rather than ask for help to stop.

GodMen ends with Stine asking those who want to "join the tribe" to step forward and accept a series of assignments to complete at home, like memorizing some scripture or volunteering at a soup kitchen. Stine is interested in hearing back from those who try.

"You're the guinea pigs," he told the audience. "We're still figuring this out."

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