My Sunday With Paul Newman

We visited the llamas, who are the guard dogs of the sheep. Annie explained what to do to avoid being attacked by a llama. Not something that comes up a lot, but then, you never know.

(To avoid a llama attack: never look a llama directly in the eye. If a llama spits at you, you are in trouble -- a llama can crush the chest of a coyote. And wouldn't do a human much good either.)

When I tried to summon one of the llamas over for a visit, Annie suggested it was a bad idea.

The farm's pigs are a different story. There are two of them, both of a rather rare breed called Ginger Tamworth pigs -- Thelma and Louise by name. If llamas are to be avoided, the pigs are all about getting petted. If you watch our "Nightline" story, you'll see lucky Louise getting a backrub from Paul.

Anyway, Sunday was a lovely day. I learned a lot about the whys and hows of organic farming, and local eating. And I got to do it with a group of people who have a sense of joy about what they are doing. Each of the people we met on the farm had their own unique connection to this piece of earth. And a sense of humor, too.

So here is Paul's recipe: If egg has been refrigerated, bring to room temperature. Put egg in slow boiling water for five minutes and five seconds. Remove at once and put in cold water (to stop it from continuing to cook). Heat up the egg and serve immediately. (He didn't mention butter, but a little bit can't hurt.)

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