Autism Group Launches Web Site Aimed at Forewarning Parents

"I would be worried if parents used this as a diagnostic tool to look at a single part and say my child does this, my child is autistic," Dr. Patricia Granier, a pediatrician at Ochsner Medical Center in Louisiana said.

Despite this criticism, Wetherby is adamant that these videos are the best way to demonstrate to parents the early symptoms of autism.

"There is no biological marker for autism spectrum disorders and so in order to make the diagnosis, the only way we can do that right now is to look for a set of behavioral features," Wetherby said.

Wetherby believes the videos are crucial and can more clearly indicate autism, than the written literature describing these symptoms does.

"It is difficult to just read the definitions and understand what they mean. So what we've tried to do with the video is illustrate the definition," said Wetherby.

Jodi Wiseman wishes these videos had been around earlier and believes she would have been better equipped to help Alex had they been.

"I definitely wish I had the education earlier. I feel had I had the education earlier, then maybe Alex would have a brighter future," she said.

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