The Tragic Legacy of the Children of God

Ricky Rodriguez's mother was Karen Zerby, a close confidante of Berg's, and together they anointed Rodriguez "Davidito" -- the future prophet of the sect.

The Second Generation

Other children in the inner circle were given their own roles, including ex-member Davida Kelley, who became the princess to Rodriguez' prince.

"We were both raised and nurtured to be the future leaders of the Family or the End Time prophets, so to speak," Kelley said. "We were programmed to believe that."

"Going way back, I think we could refer to my generation as the second generation and … I would say we were experimental, test-tube kind of babies so to speak," she said.

Kelley says Berg was "obviously very inspired, very possessed and very fanatical, but he was also a pedophile."

In fact, provocative adult-child photos and stories lace the pages of group's manual, entitled "The Book of Davidito." And according to Kelley, sexual interaction between adults and children was not just an expectation, it was a commandment.

"At that time, myself or other young girls who were in the Unit at the time as apprentices, so to speak, would be required to crawl into bed and interact with David Berg," said Kelley. "I lived with David Berg from the time I was born till age 13."

When asked if she ever witnessed Ricky being sexually abused, Kelley said "Oh yes, of course … [by] all the adult women. Most of them, at least, in the Unit."

Kelley says she even witnessed Karen Zerby, Rodriguez' mother, abusing him.

In 1986, after a series of official investigations and lawsuits, the Family International officially renounced sexual contact between adults and children.

'A Time Bomb Waiting to Go Off'

In 1994 Berg died, and Zerby took over as leader, and as the second generation grew up, critics says the years in The Family left many scarred.

"There have been dozens of people who have committed suicide, and the family disputes this and says, 'well, some were drug overdoses.' Well that's another way of killing yourself, a drug overdose," said Lattin.

Despite that claim, most current members of the family, including some young people ABC News interviewed in 2005, insist stories of abuse and second-generation suicides are overblown.

"If it was categorical, if it was widespread, how come I never suffered abuse," a member named Anna asked . "How come I who have over 100 friends in the Family International all over the world, how come none of them ever told me they witnessed abuse or experienced abuse?"

After years of struggling with his faith, Rodriguez left the sect in 2001 but never came to terms with his past. He sought to bring his mother to justic.

The night after recording the videotape, Rodriguez went searching for his mother, who had long ago gone underground. Seeking a clue to her wherabouts, Rodriguez arranged a meeting with Angela Smith at his Tuscon, Ariz., apartment. Smith had been a trusted assistant to his mother.

Rodriguez killed Smith, and then he drove several hours into California. Sometime after midnight, he pulled into a parking lot in the city of Blythe and fired a single round, ending his life.

"Ricky was a combination of emotions that he was feeling," said Lattin. "He was incredibly angry at his mother and his leaders. He was also very guilty -- he blamed himself for a lot of the abuse that went on. He was just a time bomb waiting to go off."

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