The Tragic Legacy of the Children of God

Seeking Justice

"Man, if I don't get to her … I'm going to keep hunting her in the next life, let me tell you," Rodriguez said on the tape. "And I'm going to keep going until somebody gets her or I get her -- justice will be done. Believe me."

Lattin says Zerby has never been brought to justice.

"No leaders of the family have been brought to justice for this, for what they acknowledge was child abuse. People say, 'why? How could that be?' Well, there's a statute of limitations. A lot of this happened a long time ago and almost all of it happened outside of the U.S. by people who kept constantly changing their names," he said. "So even the victims, the kids themselves, often don't know who abused them."

Zerby remains the spiritual leader of the Family International, though the group refuses or is unable to report her whereabouts. They also continue to deny that Rodriguez suffered any abuse as a child and take no responsibility for his suicide.

Family International spokeswoman Claire Borowik said via e-mail this week that she was unavailable for an interview, referring us her last on-camera comments delivered two years ago to ABC News, just after Rodriguez' death:

Jay Schadler: Why do you think Karen Zerby is nowhere to be found?
Borowik: We don't look on it as nowhere to be found. She's very present in her writings.
Schadler: Do you know where she is?
Borowik: Do I know where … no. Not necessarily, no.
Schadler: You don't? The Pope is a spiritual lead. We know where he is. Karen is a spiritual leader. And we don't know where she is. And her son just committed suicide.
Borowik: I'm aware of that.
Jay: So why don't we know where she is?
Borowik: That's her policy. That's all I can tell you.

Borowik also sent a written statement in response to Lattin's book. It reads, in part,

"Lattin's effort to analyze the life and motives of Ricky Rodriguez and the murder/suicide he committed in 2005 was undoubtedly a challenging task … Although Lattin's book does contain some sound research and factual information, it is laced with inaccuracies, misconceptions and erroneous conclusions lacking a factual base -- not to mention, sketchy research. Information provided by a handful of apostates with a clearly delineated agenda to demonize the Family is deemed credible, whereas information proceeding from current Family members is deemed questionable, at best" (CLICK HERE to read the full statement).

With the group's leader still in hiding, the story of the children of the Children of God remains unfinished. Each child will have to write his or her own ending.

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