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For the first and only time, "Nightline" got the entire cast of upcoming movie "Nine" together at New York's legendary Plaza Hotel for a feisty and intimate conversation. Anchor Cynthia McFadden led the actors -- Sophia Loren, Daniel Day-Lewis, Penelope Cruz, Dame Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Marion Cotillard and Fergie -- and director Rob Marshall in a discussion of the new film, life backstage, eating habits, the pain of rehearsal and more. The following is a full transcript of the interview.

Watch Cynthia McFadden's interview with the cast of "Nine" on "Nightline" Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009 at 11:35 p.m. ET.

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The Stars Align

Cynthia McFadden: So first of all thank you all for coming, and I thought it would be appropriate to start with a toast to Fellini who inspired this film.

Rob Marshall:That's lovely. Thank you [all raise their glasses].

Marshall: Sophia knew him.

McFadden: Yes. So would he approve?

Sophia Loren: I think he would, yes, of course he would approve. Yes.

McFadden: You think so?

Loren: Yes, absolutely. Cheers.

Dishing on "Nine"

McFadden: What was he like?

Loren: Fellini?

McFadden: Yes. I read that he was rather self effacing and shy, true?

Loren: Well it depends on what kind of people he was meeting. But otherwise he was somebody that was very open. He was a great artist because he drew very well. He did things for children, characters for children wonderfully, and that's how he started in this business. And then he um, he, uh, he started to be very much in love with cinema and he met Alberto Sordi and he started with him and he did a wonderful picture with him that was very, very, very successful.

Exclusive: Behind the Scenes With Cast of 'Nine'

McFadden: Was Fellini also a Casanova?

Loren: He pretended to be.

[everyone laughs]

McFadden: Is that better or worse than being one, I don't know—

Loren: No, no no. But that's it's not fair what I say. He pretended to be for what I saw, for what I hear. But really I don't think so.

McFadden: [to Daniel] So you studied Italian to play the part.

Daniel Day-Lewis: So I'm told.

VIDEO: Kate Hudson on NIne

[everyone laughs]

McFadden: Why?

Marshall: Everyone is saying that you spoke Italian.

Day-Lewis: I know, I know.

McFadden: Did you?

Day-Lewis: What else did I do?

[everyone laughs]

McFadden: You tell me.

Day-Lewis: I didn't study Italian, no. I mean I studied it in as far as I prefer to know more of than less Italian while we were working on this but I am certainly not an Italian speaker, yes. I understand quite a lot.

McFadden: You didn't speak in Italian the entire time on the set, that's all just, bad reporting?

Marshall: Yeah, because I wouldn't have understood a word he said. He speaks, he has a beautiful Italian accent, he speaks beautiful Italian, but it wasn't, that wasn't something that we did because we were making this film in English. The truth is, what was nice is there is Italian throughout, pieces of it, which gives it a flavor which was great.

Loren: Yeah, but when I spoke Italian he understood what I was saying.

McFadden: Did you?

Day-Lewis: I think so.

Loren: Yes.

[everyone laughs]

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