Cyndi Lauper, The Working Mom

The '80s pop icon talks about raising her teenage son with her stay-at-home husband.
3:00 | 01/11/13

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Transcript for Cyndi Lauper, The Working Mom
It might be hard to believe that Cyndi -- is girl power it's been around for nearly thirty years -- -- -- like you feel all but. You can't really -- she's slowed down since the early days in twenty to level loan. She published -- hit memoir lobbied congress and premiered her own musical she told ABC's juju Chang. About balancing life is pop icon and working mom when they went on the ten. Just -- here is not quite platinum what does that inclusive. Kinda like sand and kindness sand and now you know like Colin. Crazy colored hair was always Cindy -- signature look. As the punk meets pop princess of the -- It's been 28 years since girls just wanna have fun became a -- girl power rallying cry earning -- for fame and a full load of grammys and MTV -- -- -- Some opera went on to sell more than fifty million records she -- the bestselling memoir and still fights for gay and lesbian equality. But now she's launching a reality show the documents -- Jacqueline -- life. Alternating between rock star and suburban wife and mom. Tourniquet on months now. But you know the truth when I was ten I was -- my breast self. You know you wanted to. -- -- Some sun -- -- -- we don't that the Galloway lounge in lower Manhattan to dish about the struggles of working moms when dad is a stay at home parent -- trade. She's been married to actor it is important for twenty plus years here you are the wild rebel child the girl who just wanna have fun who has a stable marriage and the normal time. Looks like that take place -- both of us. How was decided that he was can be the one who stays -- -- would expect him for. And then my job -- and her and did. So he stayed and he -- eat there sedan. -- you wait for a period of time is suddenly come back and he -- four engines. My kids growing up in Canada you know. I work a lot because they want and give him everything line and the could have. You know I think about with a silver spoon and those non silver spoon -- -- show it pays -- -- Throughout my client you with no makeup doing the dishes it's a beautiful thing -- -- -- -- -- I was hysterical. -- BC parents currently seeking anything. I want to be the real thing but keeping it real often gets her into hot water has -- on. And her son -- Clinton -- -- all sorts of grief about they're -- swear word and pounding in the ass because you splatter on time. He -- like parenting you like you drop an F bomb on TV and he's like not you. Late today that went -- always says hey if you don't curse when it's not important you won't occurs when it is. And I was thinking. -- -- Yeah. She was raised in an Italian working class section of queens in New York City waiting tables and working in and restore. And waitress and her mind. We had. -- and teaching me he's Yeltsin me well what do you look -- -- the fallen. -- stopped by the recording studio where she's putting the finishing touches on Broadway musical she's co written called -- house. -- -- Not a stumbling Shoemaker who turns to sexy dilemma. To revive the family business. What -- will -- worth. I'm black Jesus well Randy Phillips -- -- but he petitioners like there hair it's. It's hard to keep up with -- -- who at fifty ninth and easier than ever. Do you think people see themselves in your life console like they can relate to being rock -- We have let cool to me -- to being a working mom and I were and a -- -- trying to raise kids and trying to -- -- together perhaps that he's just a true colors shining through -- And. -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":18196709,"title":"Cyndi Lauper, The Working Mom","duration":"3:00","description":"The '80s pop icon talks about raising her teenage son with her stay-at-home husband.","url":"/Nightline/video/cyndi-lauper-working-mom-18196709","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}