'Frosty Girls': Teen Cousins Abducted While Walking to Wendy's

Part 1 of 2008 "Primetime": Two Ohio cousins kidnapped and forced into prostitution.
8:40 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for 'Frosty Girls': Teen Cousins Abducted While Walking to Wendy's
Good evening I'm Cynthia McFadden you pass them dozens of times probably without a second thought truck stops like this lit up by neon. But tonight you're going to see them a whole new light part of a shadowy criminal network that -- in the sale. Of underage American girls. For sex the hellish journey of the two girls you'll meet tonight to them to a place much like this. The began innocently. Few steps from home. -- ms. Toledo Ohio. Typical midwestern city Criss crossed by interstate. Highways that -- not just cargo. -- something far more valuable. And vulnerable. Kimberly lives in Toledo she's a fifteen year old high school freshman for best friend is her fourteen year old cousin we'll call her Carol. The girls grew up together. In often went to a local fast food restaurant after school. For milk shakes called false teeth. It's a fifteen minute walk from home. They came home -- bought their chores for Stephanie is Kimberly mother. In general it's gonna be probably about another hour and half two hours so he had go ahead of me that's not that far as -- walking I mean. Are you saying -- -- -- to. Cautioned mischief to my aid and. Or that's little stuff not just on its proxies from Illinois that I -- -- differently than the moon for prostitutes really bad. It was a spring afternoon in 2000 five's -- -- -- morning -- -- it was just get directly because it was train and so the cellist but by -- clouds so it was a lot darker than it. -- -- -- And a white Lincoln pulled up beside us in the passengers the -- Kimberly thought was the father of one of for classmates and seven thing was my -- At the -- an attractive woman she didn't recognize her she looked harmless and the like. Hey how -- you himself -- -- this Friday after days. All of a sudden all those warnings they've heard so many times before. Flew out the window and clamor for me knowing kind you know don't get into -- car with strangers I thought in India. And was. It was raining Wendy's systems to me and so I stupidly -- -- And they -- the women -- like what we're gonna go get some Chinese. Sound like -- pay an exciting game like. There would be known Chinese food. No milk -- the cousins were taken against their will to this -- and held prisoner. So we'll get to the house and locks the door. And puts on the hill and says you're not going. But he didn't I didn't think -- I want my kindness. -- because she insists so emotionally. Unstable. -- she just walked around like. What's gonna happen action action -- They -- and it often -- social sport school. And your -- loan from -- you have to move the strong one thing. I had to. Terrified the girls are separated by two women who call themselves NV in Kashmir and gave takes me downstairs. Can it takes my cousin up stickers she explained to me. You know glad I had do make that I had. See it -- men for like. Money and hot issues slipped he. She just came -- and several she's very soon so comfortable with that -- just say again you know you have there was matrimony morning. One thing because this is the were prostitutes who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Daddy what she cod town and -- and you have to call him daddy you know. -- -- -- -- -- This was just the first of many night. -- of terror. Two million -- just a few miles from home. We're about to enter a terrifying world. Just two of thousands of American teens every year forced into sexual slavery. There are children throughout the United States that are being sold. As prostitutes are gonna do the shadowy world is Mike beaver and FBI special agent who has been tracking this growing problem for more than five years. -- we -- of these -- it's not uncommon to see twelve and thirteen year -- out what we've learned is if you have adult prostitution. In an area. There's probably child prostitution experience -- Kimberly Carroll had fallen victim to an extensive loosely organized network of predators they will take the child. In remove them from what they know. Because they can control the more closely it means changing their idea -- they obtain fake IDs. They would -- the hair of the children all these are formal business practices that they use. To isolate and keep the kids from being detected. All that was happening to the cousins inside this regular looking posts in a residential neighborhood of Toledo. Until then Kimberly was a typical teenager who worried about her grades and love to write poetry. But now she was a prisoner about to be sold for sex. I know what would happen they relate. Got a nice to shut me up -- -- stab me I -- know from what we're. I don't know what these people were about you know self I had. See what they -- cable line. They -- -- until there's three captors and teak Cashmere and daddy the pimp who also goes by the street name Machiavelli. Had fallen asleep. -- have shoes and we have colored town have anything we just wanted to. Get out there and try to find where -- where he came up behind us and you can't expect the fake. And he gagged me and her antenna. Dining room and he threw me into the classroom table he -- dragon. My cousin upstairs to screaming to scan machine and -- off some -- her. Foreign on the -- he pushed -- downstairs. And pushed to the slightest. And she busted her lip operate here and get bruises on -- garments. His kind of -- look was clean. -- It looked like escape wasn't going to be possible they said if you do anything wrong and we're gonna hurt your husband. And that really hit home to -- a mind game because she's my best friend. And so I don't want to do anything wrong because I don't want her her because they threatened him as they said that on. If you. -- we know where you live back at home as day turned to night their parents are growing frantic. That's just getting later and later the -- -- as started early category. You know since the start now -- -- pretty tired. Kimberly his mother Stephanie Carroll's father David -- brother and sister. Now panicked they call local police they came -- it and -- -- so that they would keep an eye out for them. The police would dismissive telling -- the girls -- probably run away and that most of the time teenagers come home after a few days Stephanie didn't -- She could hardly -- stay the night at a friend's house a Dallas that took her forever to do because it's just gets homesick. I mean I have anything with me you know lake it was obvious that I -- runaway Renault and have a princess we just before an angle and coming -- -- -- -- inspect I named Mike -- with me. -- molesters. She has a favorite stuffed animals are yes yes seeing doesn't go anyplace without. Losers she's always -- -- -- maverick when you saw that losers was still at home. Does that make you think she what -- ran away. Moser is -- -- that are selling girl who still has is stuffed animal that she takes around. He's forced to. Have sex with strangers. -- --

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{"id":19153012,"title":"'Frosty Girls': Teen Cousins Abducted While Walking to Wendy's","duration":"8:40","description":"Part 1 of 2008 \"Primetime\": Two Ohio cousins kidnapped and forced into prostitution.","url":"/Nightline/video/frosty-girls-teen-cousins-abducted-walking-wendys-19153012","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}