Harry Styles, Fionn Whitehead discuss taking on 'Dunkirk' roles

Director Christopher Nolan shares his thoughts on casting Whitehead as a fresh-faced lead and Styles, formerly of One Direction.
7:23 | 07/18/17

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Transcript for Harry Styles, Fionn Whitehead discuss taking on 'Dunkirk' roles
Now to the epic World War II movie from a critically acclaimed director and featuring acting hest weights like mark rylance so how did Harry styles score a role. 400,000 shoulders, mostly briti British, rounded by the Nazi war machine, desperate to make the journey home. Everyone on the beach went through something incredibly dramatic. The enemy is closing in on all sides, they are faced with choice to surrender or a nileation and doesn't end either of those, making it greatest story of all time. It lacks the big typical war picture it does have writer, director Christopher Nolan and his ability to craft unforgettable images. So you have thousands of men standing out in this eight foot wide concourse, this sort of bridge to nowhere, the paradox to that the dive bothers with nowhere to go would have to stand and take it. There are three interweaving story lines, a cast with Oscar winner mark rylance and as a pilot, Tom hardy who played bane for Nolan in "The dark knight ris rises" last of his Batman trilogy films. "Dunkirk" also has a fresh faced lead 20-year-old. We didn't know how many scripts going in or characters there were. I think you only go and do something like that when you have complete faith in the film. You're looking for somebody with that unique kind of charisma that movie stars have, which is they can draw the audience into their dilemma with their eyes and expression. He's alongside another performer who has always done well on the beach. Yes it's Harry styles from the Bega group one direction. Looking for a quick way out. Taking on his first acting role. Get down! Pretty good for your first time out? I'm happy. Yeah. I feel incredibly willulucky to have been part of this. I think it's important to challenge yourself and do new things. No-nonsense Nolan is not one for stunt casting and brought to give audiences a touch of Harry in the night. What I'm seeing in Harry's eyes is the truthfulness of the situation. Harry completely earned his seat at the table and I'm very, very excited for people to see what he's done now. I considered it very much a privilege to get to work with someone like Chris. Doesn't pumpel a sense of need to over think it. He instills you with confidence by not giving that many notes. I think his performance is truthful and subtle. Highest compliment you can pay an actor sk. Just 16 when -- -- I work in a bakery. A tie breaker on x-factor would repeal and replace Harry's baking career which brought about one direction's birth in July 2010. What followed was, with well, from story of my life, to best song every. ??? Best song ever ??? ??? Songs aimed at the pop audience bringing worldwide success before 2016 hiatus. ??? Stop your crying ??? ??? baby it's a sign of the times ??? ??? Went on to have a solo record rich in old school emotion with its first single "Sign of the times ". How do you feel about going before the world in your first film. I think any time you put yourself out it there and doing something new there's a degree of vulnerability. You have to do that, if you didn't I think life would be pretty boring. But his characters are among those on the doomed beach, come Dearing a water logged boat in a frantic stint. After two weeks in a very small boat sweating, being with each other you definitely have a feeling you are all working towards one thing, which is being finished so you could get out of the thing. Didn't you think I could be in a Rom conif I wanted. People kept saying that to me on set. They're like you should have done a Ron con. Never said it to me. Compelling in the I.T. Ooers him. White head keeps the audience more on edge. I wanted them to see faces on the screen they have never seen before. They don't know who will live who will die. They don't know. Whitehead seems in the sudden transformation of his day to day lifestyle. People keep saying you won't be able to walk the street. I keep hearing that but I keep walking the streets and nothing's happening. I'm actually a bit disappointed. No I don't. Do you have advise what will become when the film comes out? Run. No I think -- Finn's a great guy. I don't think he will have any problems. It's just fun. Meanwhile, Nolan's urge to break new ground visually, seen in the air, dog fights in vintage aircraft captured in flight by imax cameras. There's a lot of planning and preparation to get the camera right where the pilot would be. Right over his shoulder. A Romanian plane with two cockpits with the camera on the wing with the real pilot behind and the actor in front. So you are telling Tom hardy this. Exactly. I'm going to put you up in a Romanian plane. You get shots that have never been done before. And really as a film maker you are trying to give the audience an experience they never had before. All of Nolan's craft seeking to ensure that blood endures as the drama shot where the real events happen. It's 77 years later not lost on the actors. You could feel the history under your feet. There was a feeling. An erieness to the place that I think everyone was very aware of where we were. For "Nightline" I'm Chris Conley in Los Angeles. Thanks to Chris Conley and new behind the scenes video from

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{"id":48695097,"title":"Harry Styles, Fionn Whitehead discuss taking on 'Dunkirk' roles","duration":"7:23","description":"Director Christopher Nolan shares his thoughts on casting Whitehead as a fresh-faced lead and Styles, formerly of One Direction.","url":"/Nightline/video/harry-styles-fionn-whitehead-discuss-taking-dunkirk-roles-48695097","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}