Life in the Desert

Nat Geo Wild takes a look at some animals that have adapted to survive in the desert.
2:55 | 06/08/13

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Transcript for Life in the Desert
For the desert which is a constant battle for survival tonight ABC's Tanya Rivero introduces us to a few species who developed stunning adaptations for living in some of the wild west's most ferocious -- -- The blistering hot bone dry desert. A legendary land where light is gluten those survivors have to be tough. Yes a pioneer environment things that live in the desert have to do special things really to survive and that kind of -- of climate either -- -- her -- -- really. It's kill or be killed in this wild west where predators and prey alive are equipped for the fight -- things are smarter than you think. And their behavior -- modified by local conditions. Some things right away. Some things do their best to hide but there's always a failure rate. The deserts fiercest -- just may be the Hilo monster. Two feet long packed with neuro toxic venom this beast means to feast -- monsters. Are pretty much eating anything -- go down -- -- a lot of -- getting a lot of young getting some pretty much. Any lizard anything anything. That they can -- they're going to be. And when they fight each other the brawls can drag on for hours. What they lack in speed they make up for in stamina. Thick skin makes them immune to each other's venom -- key to victory and survival is to be on top. For another of the wild -- most dangerous predators being on top is not as important as being that -- it is a rattlesnake combat dance off they basically got their bodies. The push each other around clumsily. Results and this kind of intertwining. The banished loser now vulnerable to shaking to death in the desert sized. Some -- week with a pool of nightfall. Around long before dinosaurs these -- scorpions have an incredible natural arsenal their skeleton channel's air so sand blows over it and doesn't get stuck. And in a dry year nearly 13 of this scorpions diet. Is other scorpion. This cannibals toxic venom even works on its closest relatives. It's very rare to see animals fighting. And situated within a species it's gonna kill something. There is no room for the week in the hunt for giving west. Where adaptation. Means a chance at survival. For Nightline I'm Tanya ribeiro in New York. And the three part special the wild west airs Thursday June 13 from eight to 11 PM eastern on Nash Nat -- why.

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{"id":19353699,"title":"Life in the Desert","duration":"2:55","description":"Nat Geo Wild takes a look at some animals that have adapted to survive in the desert.","url":"/Nightline/video/life-desert-19353699","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}