Mattress Wars

'The Lookout' team puts mattresses to the test in an unscientific experiment.
4:53 | 09/04/13

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Transcript for Mattress Wars
Let's all go to bed together. Mattress wars coming at you. One thing that doesn't come free is a good night's sleep. He and kim shelled out almost $200,000 for a mattress like this one. Is this the most well rested couple in the world? Makes you wonder how much do you really need to spend on a mattress anyway? To find out we transformed this new york city playground into a makeshift sleep place. With three mattresses representing three price ranges that no one knows but us. The judges for our priceline bed test, these sleepy people who have been waiting in line since dawn for the chance to try new york's newe eest pastry craze, the cronut. So which bed would they like best. I feel like the princess and the pea. Reporter: There were a few picky shoppers. It's springy. Reporter: Who wouldn't get comfortable until we added a little extra padding to the deal. Oh, my gosh! What's going on here? He feels really comfortable. I don't come with the mattress. Reporter: Even a couple of frenchmen stopped by. I heard one of why you guys tested out thousands of beds. Thousands. We won't ask how. Reporter: To share their expertise. You're sinking into it? Sinking. It's very important for a bed. Reporter: As our real mattress expert told us it's what is inside each bed that matters most. We started with a mid range mattress. Each coil is in its own package. Reporter: The $4500 model has all that plus -- everything is done by hand. Reporter: Inside the cheapest mattress, the boils are simply It doesn't allow the mattress to flex and zone in. Reporter: Apparently not a problem for this man. This one is $850. Both of you like the cheapest one. That's the french men for you. Reporter: That simple feel works for some people but what if you rested your head like kim and kanye on cashmere and the tail hairs of latin american horses, all hand stitched together made in honor of the queen of england. You would get the best night's sleep of your life, right? Our sleep expert has his doubts. I don't know. Reporter: Seriously, dr. Decker says even if you write a really big check for a bed you're still going to have to change it in about ten years. On the other hand he warnings you should beware of low cost mattresses because the limited flexibility can cause increased pressure on your body. At these points circulation can be cut off. It will do the job and allow kim to fall asleep although her quality of sleep may not be as good as we would like it to be. The stiff feel of the $850 bed only had two fans. But almost everyone seemed to notice the difference. Coils and some extra padding. It's mushy. It molds to your body. Reporter: In the end 17 of 23 testers preferred the luxurious feel of this model. Are you going to leave this here for me? Reporter: The most expensive mattress, $4500. The price tag for the top choice was a wakeup call. That's a lot of money. Ready to write the check? Reporter: If you are not ready don't worry. You don't need to break the bang. There is a cutoff point where the more you spend, you don't get anymore. Reporter: Most importantly -- as my mom says, it's the ah factor. I like that. Reporter: After a day of rolling in the sheets, our crew had no trouble finding that ah factor.

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{"id":20161329,"title":"Mattress Wars","duration":"4:53","description":"'The Lookout' team puts mattresses to the test in an unscientific experiment.","url":"/Nightline/video/mattress-wars-20161329","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}